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  • International university Tie Up
  • Digital Library
  • Hybrid Collaboration learning
  • Digital Content repository
  • Cloud based Digital Infrastructure
  • AI based Evaluation & Analysis
  • Certification & Skill Development Courses
  • Student Growth Analytics
  • University As A Service

Our Products

Collaborative learning platform for Teachers & Students
LectureNotes intends to pioneer the notes making ecosystem, the peer learning modules, and most importantly remote access of qualitative validated learning objectives of our country at School, under graduation and post-graduation stages of learning
AI based pattern learning education delivery rooms for all courses, with multi language support, live transliteration and future scope of personality trait driven learning areas activation modules, 400+ classes daily across 123 different verticals.
Modules being delivered for remote courses across various territories, teachers with accreditation and national repute deliver to nascent territories of learning with course agnostic platform support on dashboards, reports and parent feedbacking funnels – 2700 live listed students, 49 trainers/professors/ 6 states and 2 UT based impact and 24 train the trainer modules run in the last 6 months (all during the lockdown)
17000 live learning students, across three countries, 125000 hours of content administration and DAU of 3200 since a launch in December 2020
17 institutional partners, 1200+ teacher platforms and course integrations completed, 2700+ live classes facilitated
Collegeshala is a community driven edtech platform that caters to the millions of non technical undergraduate students present in this country. We host curated study materials, doubt clearing services, educational books, community events on our platform


Community driven - making undergraduate content accessible to all
  • Undergraduates and Postgraduates lack access to quality learning modules and notes prepared by peers and teachers.
  • There are very few resources on the internet for them to learn from and no aggregation platform is present.
  • A community driven platform providing free access for online reading
  • Get best content from a large pool of teacher community
  • Be popular among the largest student community by sharing your own content
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Digital Classroom
Unlike other virtual platforms, provides a classroom like an environment which facilitates complete peer to peer interactions, making them best suitable for teaching purpose.
  • Live Classes with Auto Recording & Attendance
  • Management & Analytics dashboard
  • AI Based digital classrooms for teachers.
  • Quiz & Assignments
  • Highly secure and passwords driven platform.
  • Share anything - Notes, Materials & Videos etc
  • No time limit, upto 300 kids/class, crystal clear audio-video
  • 2 way interaction, white-boards, screen share a more
  • Quick virtual onboarding for your institution.
  • Your own mobile apps
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If you are an educator and you want to offer a skill of purpose, aspiration and reason to people then LectureAcademy is your one stop station because:
  • Every course in the country needs a certified trainer
  • Every certified trainer needs a dedicated education eco-space.
  • Every Learning Eco space needs custom settings on certifies, pre- learning benefits and post learning follow- ups.
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Notes Marketplace
  • Guaranteed growth in CGPA as reported by over 1lakh users
  • Personalized attention from the best of the faculties.
  • Best of notes from the subject experts
  • Collaborate and compete with more than 15000s of prime users
  • Teachers with over 500000 views on their training notes.
  • With a proven track record on career modelling and competitive edge development .
  • And a peer group which continuously and comprehensively challenges your intellect to be a better version of yourself
  • One on one counselling sessions, doubt management peer learning balloons for co-learners, mock readiness tests and Q&A with industry veterans
  • Industry, competitive exams and certification driven tracks
  • Better analytics with AI to guide you in the learning process
  • Topic-wise learning to complete the syllabus easily
  • Everything at one place on one-click at lowest price
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In developing countries , education is still a dream for many. Though we are living in the 21st century there are lots of barriers in the formal education system. The cost of formal education is often prohibitive for many with people in remote areas lacking access to proper colleges or quality teaching professionals.

Lack of access to world class quality teaching in similarly streamlined courses while being offered across geographies

We bring to you LectureRemote to address the above problems:
  • Remote learning and certifications as per your course of learning
  • Getting the best faculties across the country to your institute with the highest number of interaction and lowest turn around
  • Assessments and reporting tools
  • Efficacy meeters per institute to check the impact of teacher/lecture sessions
  • Integrated and distributed modes of self paced courses via the professors from all across the country.
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What we offer:
  • Teachers with over 500000 views to their training notes.
  • With proven track record on career modeling and competitive edge development.
  • And a peer group which continuously and comprehensively challenge your intellect to be better version of yourself
  • One on one counselling sessions, doubt management peer learning balloons for co-learners, mock readiness tests and Q&A with industry veterans.
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What our users say

More than 2.2 million users connected
“Lecturenote is a good platform for sharing notes, assignments and conducting Institute classrooms in a single platform where we can share, Learn and gain knowledge.”
Sanskruti Jena
Cv Raman Global University
CSE 1st year
“It is such an amazing experience to do online learning on lecture notes.Lecture Notes has been a superb website for online learning. It's very effective in that the online learning materials are easily accessible. It's very efficient for recorded classes since one can review them at a convenient time.Its an excellent website.”
Elinah Awino
Chemical technology
KIIT University
“The app is good but sometimes it doesn't work properly, maybe due to some network issue. Otherwise all the features of the app are really good. And the best part is the help desk of the app. They actually resolve all the issues I have. It helps me a lot.”
Asit Kumar
Cv Raman Global University