About Us

How it all started and what we plan to do...

Want all your study material in one, easily accessible place?

LectureNotes.in provides a platform for students and educators to come together to collaborate and share knowledge.

We started off as a brilliant idea that struck Ayush Agarwal in 2011, in his 4th semester of engineering, he saw his friends scrambling around everywhere making calls to get someone's notes and getting them photocopied.

If we calculate the total pages used for Photocopying 150 pages of notes for the students of one class of approximately 60 students i.e. 150 * 60 = 9000 pages for 1 subject. Now if we calculate for 6 subjects and 8 semesters, 432000 of A4 size papers were being used.

Since then we have been striving to provide quality study material online in a digital format through lecturenotes.in making it easily accessible on smartphones and laptops and thereby reducing expenditure, saving time and helping the nature.

We are in the process of expanding our portfolio of subjects other than those of engineering on a national scale. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to take this to the next level and bring you study material of educators from around the globe.

It's time for us to know the examination syllabus and not the photocopier.

Team lecturenotes.in