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6 Study Hacks to Pass Exams with Last-Minute Preparation

You promised yourself that you would not pull an all-nighter to study at the end moment this term. How is that going? Not good, right! After the endless submissions and deadlines of projects, you finally submit all the assignments. However, now you realize that your exams are just in a couple of days, and you don’t even know the topics in the syllabus. For instance, if you have an exam on disaster management, you can look for disaster management study material pdf to fast-pace your preparation. Before you go into panic mode or start procrastinating, sit back and relax.

Do not pay attention to students who have already revised the syllabus twice. Remember that there is time, and you can still get excellent marks. We have your back if you are wondering how you can do this. By the end of this article, you will know some incredible hacks to study fast and smart. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How can I pass term one without studying?

First of all, stop panicking. Know your syllabus first of the subjects and then proceed with other steps. Mark the important topics that have high weightage in the examinations. This way, you will have everything in front of you and know where to start studying.

Find a suitable workspace

At this time, you must increase your productivity. For this, you must choose a suitable workplace. If you have a habit of studying in bed, stop it right away. Sit at your study table, and maintain a proper posture, so you don’t feel sleepy. Moreover, if you are worried about arranging notes, you can choose LectureNotes for software testing study material online.

This will create an atmosphere for studying, and you will be able to concentrate better. When you go to bed, your mind will know that it is time to sleep, and you will be very active at the study table. Pay attention to such small details.

Assemble your requirements correctly to avoid distractions

You start studying, sit for fifteen minutes, and your phone starts ringing. Here goes one hour of discussing things with your friends and joining around. To avoid such distractions, keep your phone away. If you have notes on your computer or phone, turn off the wifi and mute the notifications.

Sit in a quiet place and keep the door closed. Tell your family not to disturb you. Before studying, ensure you assemble all the materials like notes and pdf. This way, you won’t have to get up again and again for various things.

Plan as per your requirement

Unnecessary worrying comes in when you don’t have a plan. Start making a small plan, no matter how little time is left with you. Divide the entire syllabus into different parts and set a time limit for each of the segments, or go for microbiology study notes pdf free download; since you are studying at the last moment, it may not be possible to cover all the topics.

Start by doing the most critical topics and last year’s question papers. If there is still time left, you can visit the small topics. Whatever topics you study, learn them by heart.

Take breaks

As you are not in the habit of studying regularly, it may be impossible to sit for hours with focus. Follow the 40:20 rule where you study continuously for 40 minutes and take a break for 20 minutes.

The ultimate motive for taking breaks is to increase your productivity. Utilize the break time for eating snacks, scrolling social media, and talking to your friend. It will freshen you up, and you won’t feel overwhelmed. However, ensure that you go straight to studying after twenty minutes and do not stretch the break time.

Make notes

We know that it sounds insane to make notes at the last moment. Try this because it can boost your memorizing power and make it easier for you to revise. Make quick notes with headings, subheadings, and bullet points. Try apps like LectureNotes, where you can also create and find notes.

From additive manufacturing exam questions to cyber security study material pdf, you will find everything here. Highlight the important points so you remember them for a long time.


Keep revising whatever you are studying. For instance, if you completed a topic in the morning, revise it once before you go to bed. Revising multiple times ensures that the topic becomes crystal clear to you. You will gain confidence from doing this and become more productive.


Exam time is challenging, but you can make it through by following the tips mentioned above. Keep relaxing with music and conversations with friends and family. Do not forget to eat timely meals and exercise to keep the mind and body active.

Lastly, panic is not the answer to your problems, so chill and start studying. But, the correct answer for your study-related problems could be Lecture Notes. Yes, on this platform, you can avail the best set of student study notes on various subjects or topics.

LectureNotes is the quick fix for exam preparation

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Not only that, but LectureNotes is more of a community-driven platform focusing on the proper interaction between faculties and students. Also, these notes come straight from qualified faculties. So, what else do you need now? Hurry and redefine your quickest study goals with LectureNotes today.

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