Online study notes
Online Study Notes

Which Online Study Skills for Guys Should be The Focus?

Boys and girls learn in various ways. Boys are designed for activity and movement, but girls are mainly wired to acquire via social interaction and connections. So, making study notes as per their needs becomes essential.

Boys’ Learning Styles

Boys learn mostly through kinaesthetic and tactile means while they are young. Boys learn best through spatial, visual, and hands-on experiences. Most of the information boys will encounter throughout the day will be given in a format that harnesses the experience.

Boys require their learning to add visual content to their education. Boys advantage of having the choice to occasionally submit a report by creating a fascinating video, building a model, or playing out a character that better illustrates his understanding of the subject matter than a conventional book report might.

Understanding these fundamental variations—the study of development—is crucial in taking care of these amazing treasures God has entrusted us as stewards. By learning more about how they are wired, we can better understand how to parent them, collaborate with their instructors, respect their individuality, and pray more effectively.

The following are some tips for Guys doing Online Study:

Exercise routine

Isn’t it fascinating how quickly men turn something into a contest? It is best to create new games, sports, and other active activities with education. But putting a guy in a classroom becomes a surefire technique to have him relax and sit down.

For some unknown reason, the level of activity many guys take up throughout their lives is occasionally overlooked in the classroom. Finding ways to participate more actively in class is one of the best things your kid can do. You’ll learn more in class and end up saving some time.


For guys, getting organized is both extremely important and challenging. Usually, males aren’t the world’s largest and most organized people. Undoubtedly, some men are considerably more organized than others.

Visual learners are often Visual Learning guys. It means that information is processed best through visuals, photos, etc. Hence, studying with online free notes becomes all the easier for them.

When men see knowledge instead of hearing it, they tend to absorb it more effectively. It is why we enjoy watching movies and why guys occasionally tend to daydream in class.

Concentrate on understanding techniques that aid in visualizing verbal information

Use the note-taking method that works best for you. Learning college notes thus becomes easier for them.

Numerous studies have been conducted on note-taking, and one method has come out on top:

  • Use the 2-3-3-2 method if the lecture plus text is closely connected in the course: Create columns of 3 inches in the center for lecture notes, 3 inches on the right-hand side for textual notes, and two inches down the left side for recall hints. The bottom of the page should have a two-inch space for your findings and conclusions.
  • Use separate papers for class notes plus reading notes, using the 2-5-1 technique: 2 inches at the left for recall cues, 5 in the middle for lecture notes, as well as an inch at the right for conclusions and observations when the lectures, as well as the reading, are not directly connected.
  • Higher marks can be attained by students using the recall clue column. Once you’ve written your notes, please read them over anyway and as soon as you can. Don’t analyze them; study them. As soon as possible, while everything is still fresh, examine to see if you missed anything crucial or typed something erroneously, then make the necessary corrections.
  • After reading over your writing, write down words that will help you remember the subjects of your notes. Instead of repeating information, these clue phrases should identify or categorize the material in the notes. They are the sort of hints written on “crib papers.”

Reading and studying simultaneously.

Study with intention. In the long term, it takes less time! You will finish the assignment much more quickly and retain the information much better if you first spend the time to adhere to the OK4R approach developed by Dr. Walter Pauk rather than simply beginning reading through to the end.

Taking notes online or on a book becomes efficient with the OK4R approach:

  • Overview – Go through the title, the opening and concluding paragraphs, and all of the reading material’s titles.
  • K – Key Ideas – Review the material and scan for the main points.
  • R1: Read carefully through your entire assignment.
  • R2 – Recall – Set the text aside and summarise what you have learned in keywords or a few sentences.
  • R3 – Reflect – The preceding stage aids in solidifying the information in your head.
  • Review for R4 – This action takes time to happen. The following quick quiz and subsequent tests during the term should both use it.

According to research, how well you learn during that period matters more than how much time you spend doing it. In fact, according to at least one study, students who put in even more than 35 hours per week of study had lower grades compared to those who put in fewer hours.


Keeping the above information in mind, making notes becomes efficient and effective. With note-taking apps like LectureNotes, you get study materials online and toppers notes in PDF format, making your learning all the easier. Guys will find it easier to comprehend and ace their exams now. You will succeed if you manage your study time well and use technology smartly.


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