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How to share content(notes, presentations etc) with the students?

The faculty can share the notes/PowerPoint presentation by following the steps below

Click on the Contents tab as shown below.

Clicking on the contents tab will take the faculty to the screen below where the faculty can create a Module by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol.

After clicking the ‘+’ symbol, the faculty needs to enter the details. Click Create as shown in the screen below.

Double-clicking on the Folder will open the screen as shown in the figure below. After clicking in create the folder will be created as shown below.

To add material, click on the ‘+’ symbol. The Faculty can share the notes either by clicking on Add Material/Upload File.

Clicking on Upload file option will open the following screen.

If the user is uploading the file for the first time, the user has to click on “Authenticate with Google” which will allow us to store the copy of the document in Google Drive.

The faculty can click on Browse and could upload the files from their system (PC/Laptop). Click on the browse button and select the file, click Open.

Click on Upload 1 file button as shown in the screen below.

Note: Google does not allow us to read any other file except the one that we create

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