FAQs On Classroom

How to start a live-lecture?

To start to a Live Lecture, the faculty has to follow the steps as mentioned below:

Click on the Live-Lecture tab or click on Start Live Class as shown below.

After clicking on the Live Lecture or Start Live Class button, the faculty will be able to see the screen as shown below. 

To add a Live Lecture the faculty has to click on the ‘+’ symbol or click Create New Live lecture as shown below:

Clicking on the ‘+’ symbol will show the option to either Start Live Lecture or Schedule Live Lecture. To start Live Lecture, click on Start Live Lecture, as shown below.

Clicking on the Start Live Lecture option will open the screen below, where the faculty have to enter the Topic for Lecture, Duration of the Lecture. Click Start Now.

After Clicking the Start Now button, the faculty/students can join the Live-Lecture by clicking on Join Now button as shown in the figure below

If you are still facing any issue, write to support@lecturenotes.in or call 7440061501 and we will be happy to help