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Internet Of Things - IoT

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Price: ₹6000

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  • IoT is the next big thing.

  • In next 5 years entire world will be covered by IoT devices.

  • The world will need thousands of IoT Developers in 5 years.

  • Understand how devices holds potential to communicate with each other using Internet.

  • Be the first, to join the league of IoT developers by getting hands-on experience on Arduino.

Learn and Build your own home automation system and control your equipments from your smart phone.

Course Outline

  • Modern technological trends
  • Basics of networking to start with IoT
  • Data visualisation and introduction to cloud computing
  • Integrating IoT and Cloud Services


  • Know Embedded Systems
  • Components to build any IoT System
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • Controllers


  • Build electronic circuits using sensors and components
  • Connecting the circuit with Arduino Board
  • Understand Arduino Pins (Digital and Analog Pins)
  • Programming the Arduino using Arduino Software IDE
  • Arduino Sheilds, Libraries, Sketches and Structures
  • Explain the use of Fritzing in designing the circuits


  • Working with Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor, LDR Sensor, PIR Sensor, IR Sensors.
  • Connecting Sensors to Arduino UNO
  • Programming Arduino to understand Sensor Input
  • Controlling Devices (Electrical Units e.g fan, light) using Arduino UNO based on sensor input.
  • Connecting the Arduino to internet
  • Checking the status online and controlling Devices via website and Apps
  • Arduino Tips and Tricks and Hacks.


  • Raspberry Pi Board
  • Raspberry Pi vs. Arduino
  • Operating System Benefits
  • Raspberry Pi in IoT
  • Python used in Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Setup and Configuration
  • Prepare a IoT prototype for Home Automation System

Final QUIZ Test


When will the classes start?

Training will start from 25th of May at Silicon institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar. Training will be of 120 mins per day.

Note: Dates are subject to change based on University Exam Schedule.

Will there be stay arrangements provided for the students?

Yes, hostel facility is available nearby our training centers to provide accomodation to outstation students. You will need to Pay the hostel stay and food charges separately.

Do I need to bring Laptop to the classes?

Ans: All the trainings will be completely hands-on, meaning you will be coding along with the training on your own system. You will be given daily tasks on further development work on what is taught in the class with sufficient study materials to move forward.

What is this training program about?

This is a training program in the field of Internet of Things. Students will be trained in the basics of IOT devices, Networking and communicating with the devices, interfacing between hardware and software etc.

Where will the classes be conducted?

Classes will be conducted at Silicon Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar campus by trainers from Industry.

What is the duration of this training?

This is a 4 weeks(1 month) training program.

Will kits be provided?

Yes, Kits will come as part of the course fee. You can connect with the LectureNotes team to get the kits for yourself delivered at you home (for online students). Classroom students can collect the KITS from our centers by paying the cost of the KITS. Our Instructor will work with Arduino and describe the working process with utter simplicity to help you understand it and do it yourself.

What are the timings of this training program?

Class timings will be set according to batch sizes and students convenience. Mostly the classes will be kept between 9AM and 12.30 PM or 5 PM and 8 PM. You can join batches as per your convenience and availability.

Who can join? I am a beginner/advanced user, is this training program for me?

This IOT Training would be better suited to beginners who have no prior knowledge Internet of Things. College students (first through fourth year) are eligible to join this program. Students with medium experience can benefit by getting an hands-on experience with the trainer.

Are there any pre-requisites for joining this program?

There are no pre-requisites. Basics of Programming will be helpful.

What are the benefits of joining Internet of Things Training Program?

Internet of Things is one of the most promising technology in the market and new opportunities as coming up soon. Students who sign up for the program will be trained in the basic of Internet of Things, Connecting and networking the devices, Working with Arduino and Raspberry Pi to connect things with internet and much more. At the end of the course, the student would have enough skill to create his/her own IOT systems.

What hardwares/software are required for doing this training?

No special hardware is required other than a PC for doing this training. All the necessary software will be provided online which can be downloaded during training.

Will there be any project that I will get to work on?

Yes. You will be assigned with a project by the instructor at the start of this course. You will be working on the project during the Internship cum training Program.

Will there be a certificate provided at the end of the training?

Yes, a certificate will be provided upon completion of the training.

How much would it cost?

The Cost of the training program is Rs. 6000 only. You can get extra discounts by joining early to the program. Please check the program website to learn more about the discounts

If you have any further query, write to us at support@lecturenotes.in or call/whatsapp 7381167101