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Note for Building Materials and Building Construction - BMBC By Amrul Islam

  • Building Materials and Building Construction - BMBC
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Distress in structure 2 Cause of distress of concrete:  Structural causes- externally applied load, environmental loads etc.,  Errors in design & detailing  Poor construction practices  Drying shrinkage  Thermal stresses  Chemical reactions  Weathering

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Maintenance 3 Maintenance is preventive in nature. Activities include inspection and works necessary to fulfil the intended function or to sustain original standard of service. The maintenance of structure is done to meet the following objective ::  Prevention of damages due to natural agencies and to keep them in good appearance and working condition.  Repair of the defects occurred in the structure and strengthen them, if necessary

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Objectives Of Maintenance :     To preserve in good condition buildings and services. When deterioration occurs due to any reason it is inevitable to restore it to its original standard. To make improvements whenever required. To sustain utility value. A good maintenance team has to ensure 1. Safety 2. Efficiency 3. Reliability

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Maintenance 5 The Maintenance work is broadly classifies as     Preventive Maintenance Remedial Maintenance Routine Maintenance Special Maintenance

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