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Note for Environment Science - Envir By JNTU Heroes

Notes for Environment Science - Envir 0

by Jntu Heroes

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UNIT – I ENVIRONMENT, ECOSYSTEM AND BIODIVERSITY DEFINITION, SCOPE AND IMPORTANCE CHAPTER 1 ENVIRONMENT, SCOPE AND IMPORTANCE 1.1 Introduction: Environmental science is the study of nature and the facts about environment. Basically environment can be defined as “all the social, economical, physical & chemical factors that surrounds man” (or) “all abiotic and biotic components around man-all living and non-living things surrounds man”. 1.2 Environment Components can be divided into biotic and abiotic components. According to ancient man the environment was the Panchaboodhas (i.e) air, water, land, sky and energy. The human were disciples of nature. They were able to protect themselves from harmful one and protect the others. But according to modern man the environment is only air land and water. Exploitation of various earth resources to satisfy the increasing needs of human population has resulted in 1) depletion of various resources of earth 2) pollution. Principles of environmental education:  Examine the major environmental issues  Discover the root cause  Develop problem solving skills  Promote co-operation in solving problems  Emphasis active participation in prevention and solution to problems. 1.3 Scope of environmental science:  Studying the interrelationship between the components of env.  Carrying out impact analysis and env. Audit  Preventing pollution from existing and new industries  Stopping the use of biological and nuclear weapons  Managing unpredictable disasters etc. 1.4 Public awareness: Environmental Pollution or problems cannot be solved by mere laws. Public participation is an important aspect which serves the environmental Protection. Public awareness of environmental Is at infant stage 30-40% of public of developing country are aware of environmental. Problems but they do not bother about it.  Ignorance and incomplete knowledge has lead to misconceptions 1