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Note for Unix & Shell Programming - USP By Rakesh Kumar

  • Unix & Shell Programming - USP
  • Note
  • Computer Science Engineering
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Text from page-2

*) lt hu, [rov, J,'n 1 s'(ff ovl t Mu f""il'4 ,. ..Jt la\"J Jo^[ .{ T*l L,ur^ l\;")}o Jo T+ nanXu ,[.t - Syrlt, iltL'qt1y scl.oJul,a lYo uu , *;Dq L P"i 1.,* il\", )ulq .r) A*'{, k;' [, *).(oqyulu Jon)f [avt u,l c.aptll;;y .l Luo,,\lL.5(nn,o-,4 irl, q.hon . T\ql ft5.,i,, a. Lobna-ol i"luu yrh ) q GL ]l^q} i, I.,*J [l Ly tl^!. ',0][,* y^+' o{ +l^, d.. - jt, *[.( . [) thr sL,lt ;-' ']'t* ;]'+* LJro- ,\\* ut L{ u d fr{ ",(. ^[qtre, 1[ ryL ]l',*. i, onlT ooo kU yunni aX an k ry,ku" ,4\ouq Lu Suvn{qtr s[,*& ,' " b7f r l, Co-.[& /rJ t -l*.o Oal-'rn . 6hs lo, oo] Au ,o1". l".l' d^It s fu{ fq*U.t C1 @ ?ee {l }', ?) -11* Irq^a sl^ol l"lol"^t l., 'P

Text from page-3

,,o ,..ro sin,^p[ trl;)^u sulyl +[" uNrx sysk., - f,'k f {) ^-l V 'P". M , " Fi[r l.qvl ?\oon o.& [r,"(t s.., I.qqr l,lt' -) A [it" rs Ju[ an *oy o{ LyM q"d co" c-lq,',, Vi,\t"r\\y A^y ll,r, , uo 'rri\\ tq- ot[ h locql. q. 1,'k vt$".ntt Io A yr.JJ*ri*& p\^t 4 JI Consll,as :-qtn di'..|-;u 1!I,' sy1l., , If fuLqvlo'"\ D+'l\\l "*,no^l Sy.\" i. li I t, Jouir, o, h*L,n, /?] i;- J.n] , o-'I c'^l"tl,@ :l k rr^,1y,.[ o[- Jo" [, A^] ta^ d;l k l,'lu. t*l1r"vlol, -t) u u\r 0 J a,ol. *,'tl., curr DYo l= }D J.| i, ,}k 1x, h qryrc- iv.-" k -li" l ,^{* *,[",, ;} 7 it ux"."hA al *) poClu is si- llQ bt11-E::l' }t I)Yoerq , Mout }\.l-,,r lk lo, " *i"nu trl [. ]t"^] q\[u" U"\ t,.lQ{"r) N.uLyou"l o,1 ly-. c.-tl-nL[ k 3)' -l t Loct( )uo'"dud i t\* " 11.,- \t/sIt' Co.\\S Q-\rr4 l-ir / tl l.)/

Text from page-4

4aho9" 'tL'o T +t.y "U lo u) t't/{' 0. Lomn4n I t L*d{nl o} lun J'r"ll-[', ^h tu Y[r c"ll a.\r +,l"*Yl, +l*,* m',tL ) t- a Jkur.& ovor $up"a )slt- .lt t(,{*1 *) <t.t ) Lo.A ^1 Co I)1 tL"tw[ "Lk , r o"it, )Lollt .ot,dt:t{o' a t"'4 ?fi1u qo*lnl'{' I' ry) u\nl';; ,^, rnlno\n t k t q^lir| -^y is l\'" I [\ rt 'i.,^q. o. (o mmc^,t1,+l^rl..o{ I ]t\ rr lt*-4 sr^,[^lu 4|* I,', i , h btuln L u^"r",h il JJ'^I Yu"r" 1u"lL;":f us'/l"{lLi' ti,''. ,,f rs yy. +r ls s9*, & r I lr,s'l tcs I t in i' /'s' f f'c"I lc""l rto[Jl, *il"" I'f tt)\' IY )o (lL1+ notqrq t.[ t.' nrhv,.i cJl, L tcL' \1l'rtr 1- n uulX 1"l1tc.;| l \W,,cl, a-1,- i'l*o ,L', , \o,f ,1 B\'{l'( [gv'"ol' Y*tl'",), (t<rtrtnl-t h +k sfult Sqo]&,t/ '\o'[0"\( is . f. , I i" i\g o" '' 4 Iru\\for\tin1 Bui \ !i "" sY'[cctr/s cJLd - EtiL il uu\I,uq 4 ,ll*-.f L: . rl'tlx Fool* t e ,[ }, , q'd'. . t, irt irl, ., b q') oo'nn"' ul,L [no* - ,lt" \otol.'-, i ".1 )r. )ry L 1gra'ne^ J t a4

Text from page-5

/)L\ l)'uLo' tl*, tru t,..k lG You liu i" Jh 1 t; " aI,J, \s fornr"a,, d , 4. .kt Jiro.k'y *d I-rqc uh n"" [.o r.r #) si"co L*^lq ls /tl" i. lt* C. is A. ., Tofl d Dv Q) \o.Jra I ,nJoy." J.rl {,'I fr*v,'n1 a,, Jr.J",,y i+ \s ftonJ..J 0^ u q*+"n"{ , eor,nrro"J. $ *yf . e.[. o i, tb }t^t Su'rr If'u i, co ' i+' "oo'J ur!*^& +) Lcl,,o Ln't O/\ k \otoh iu, ita ferH \oo\( * 0.,\k sL\t lu* tvr. You c,[o /l- in t ',k Lro- r'la ourn stl of \u''I R^,lL i! ,.ritt P-urtk t'4 sc1a^ak [i al u,l dorgorvl-a- d +t"t [\t ^o L at\no iE q. st*tr b"; Il t i a4 -) JI.^ rJo[u l,o, F b.orr* SlRucIYlL€ (lt4,{ h Co ur,rAND ) ur lv is uoL-\G*"1 t'h'L ,,o t*'\"i| 1\* fturu 4* -,v) ,lonnuh ' \''1*I^"1 Ih \y"\tv qtno' 'f\^n, unI l t o C +- .\hr[ u* A \ ' 1t]'^tt y l\^t rp nnand ' 'l\* olJ I L''J A oh Xtru"trk h *rn- t Le SnyoaqI.J Ly h ulT +) (o - a, Ll k' " i*,., If,' a^ t*w t i ( tn ov IoLs h tn ot[ 'lt s 1,, )slt^,, 1a o ur o" cl,r aA t*ttt nn t^nn

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