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Note for Linear and Digital IC integration - ICA By vtu rangers

  • Linear and Digital IC Application - ICA
  • Note
  • Visvesvaraya Technological University Regional Center - VTU
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Text from page-2

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Text from page-3

-l ". fE. f,€t t IQr = vee ^(l 2 Pe -\/*.-\Ee \ee : -0.tr-c-tr) tl.gv b...t \ 6 Bq, RE Jet 3t*tn = Ier -; Icr '-- = 2"1 '{ nr{ Ic" = Jgr tler ,. )- Fru* VP. : 11 t5) f,c, X Rc : t.4g'i^'Al ^1'< a 1.48 'tt A ,- f r)- : tt't+ V \s . \., - Jcr Rc - \let : I 2 - tl.1{ ^0,* rb.t6V. + @ + 6;[o, o. .r\ra "_'. JxrV itP n\ T Ve' ?rt(woSr,r d*i h \;, \161 ?ur(wqsen J " Jg, oletw.,st-n o,r,.d k*.a* f c I det *os, + -A tvr 'r- No^,. * In\ t tlP 0- f,e r ?nc*uas* *'i?-r$x. . \1BP -Je,(+) RE Pn.rntc,.sr-n : \lcc - t'U)f,crPc-Vee *w ?lP al Nonl * IN\, fqrn'^f'rol P^'od-rdc! i+tnto q eP, , \l t l-( (o.,u 3 ', \i'r\,^s.,-" cr .\-lr o+ . ,AA F{.*rq .lP t\ -z ,i-r af Ptfacl nteuvtdtd '-' 6L)rer => **( t( p =ttr*' \w flxorlvtde ilp ?""fl *tff t1P fl"' fl ^, otls,d o-{- }Nv ilp oucl Alsu -Jruv c\ ,A^ VB, ?,]twasou dr*hV;,\/6oc1lsc ?n("ease) ' ,' 4'\g : (/i\) \l g - \[ge o Jt o ?vrtre.or.s{a o.ur.cl atst 8c, C .-'-Tc .= fg ) Kurte utP u\ d.t*os.s ',' Gln) \Io = \ct - (4') 3c I Rc -vec S + d pstthw n."t o. u^.rqo\t*t \*'t ilp ^{ ?^.p*{- tnv*--'W*-X e..tg.-r-+ v o \d "fl . . kr^f.*l P,," d,-t,e.s

Text from page-4

+ t' plo"i* CsrvrMbu rr,.r.oclo l^l (o**u" Mcs^le thiw \e | \tfct*r | +u*r \to(t*1 v o \taXe l2Fo | " Dtrtw o.^^ f\As{e \o l"la7e , (orr.nnrbu t* F^ho * P* ssi e"r h Ctlfc* [ Voc* ) "tr t{^ffn e'- t*, o*pti lr'o. - S t^oui) ' el [o-tt .H^! o. N gr,. * te e 'o op.nuhvuol (o (MRR ^4 ntode { u-fu{ ,L sub pu.t nv ( r hac,.q tlcc ( cr.,rw o f.i [onrrvr oyr [,'o . I * \i,* S' \r: R'"tr + 1u. 17 tr) ._ ;:)':.*H i:,tr' *il.: Vee J';lH''I:,f ,,';',1.y' orj.cl the Shcrkd kt n,sB"t.13 rnolecl 'fl^ro ?^rcu \pH..f \+A is (u\\td tt (o**o,..n ruo.l.e f lp , n?'l . fur (D(Mgu( nrnde ?/p Lo,..r*n b{ di.fP-*e-r.}.)al uc \.tcr-7r uh \Oe\ olp slns,.tl 8* ff,r0, (onr*oJr !,vgr yc.rhna bvVic,r,,rr + GnQ fu Vgl 6rcde -tX t*(Ac*); Re u:it\ clls c Pntveo'secl d^P o.(l-rss *\ W""* u:\,,"lr\u ..t\u\{ n,.,. tntn-ecrsed V..\r-*-n $ Col.\tul.ur :["fi ;ffi., -\ Gt,n*"* rr,rade \,rol{q qai"t qarr\ Ar,*,fiqt"r- *\"$ *ffl CI^u-\f dr\\ \e ca\^N\cu *o\o \,, A,$.0* ttr +{^u c"***iu *r&U f lpvc,{y htrrn t \*tu*)bt\,ncsoo (J f; Qr !Q, o".s Gr\coSS ql\Aitlsx O,\t + \t* ?'.tt.eC\SC.l trrt * c\sed !i(tu^) tc,,,fiSed h \0r rcsts o Rg w) r t* ?^'o:*o yn( recrsed" Dd I! d{^!_ I cr+a6 on p o*urd Eq 1 A f,1 2 ' .hwr $..'cL.i.thfc,- Gt'.lSS vefshr Rc ttc U q.e q\ e,uv.ltlev \ \\J 1 $ d^rCoo frr* f^ +es Qg u.l.* O-r{' f n 0req-Md J,r.,t o. a^--f ;^Y "Ti_

Text from page-5

-rl -( I I I I , I I I Ctt*,unr,. $* ul iu-r i* Rx t \r e.r ruu dq Bc'hu I Tt^. u Crr,tRP dqlr,"..a.t c!-\ V +t s oht\il-.{ A*t hu reir,t\ cr +{"' ( Cu cu nne.l e ?n Dr..l^ Ox f.t.,,^ Wd( M 9\ ht fl*l Connfi^ot\ nro "le ""ohc $ o" Darr. r olo"\^/\ ( \'--' Jllet> (\r * rr,r op - I CMRR= Cr) funt Ut\ "f" a g's -'. Ctu{RR = &c $roq fil_-1te ( Ltu*J CrrtBp e-n wn pwssecl (t) *Lro qo'ut ) fl v ktr* t *Mq\^ fl^sd( N #"tt 9*puh, Rr Pr 1i"" Ct cPw\- \x" p Lbs{&d \I-l t l-t\ (t\ nc\l t * i*^ l** n^" \_r-1 .i1 o^h.t br/ LNu"ot l" n\ u ?^ n"'- :> \o(c*)' A(n'r X\itttt") ? ,\+,\ .[f, ufg wftl p'rodutq o. h'ab"oL \c(+ot{' Gwss Yerisl'o" P2, o"\ 'ILu! "P: J"+ *1p {v'ru..f*al s ,.l *\,.1." I..,.trl i.'t dt tL '\ n drrwn o^ ol .ft* c.\ ,{p di ru,.h h P l*.H h-..Un l'D b.r^te-l +w olp + fnt '' s^-^h ,^r o +l-ro*{ Ccu}Sa-d tua k'a Uo * t-tTr't'"ecl h ttP d-rtS.tc$h"J "\ + *$ r rI \0, + Vu : \ot.*) 2 Ayl \St i^ +t." k*r*.f u.-u *il. va = \jsuf\3:- RrtRz I Uo otnss PL cow\[ t t Ctrutl u/

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