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Note for Surveying-1 - s-1 by Noor Mohd

  • Surveying-1 - s-1
  • Note
  • Civil Engineering
  • B.Tech
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Text from page-1

4*vl-- CoflTotJUN4:Celvro-r.,ls: I Cpwlear" PeX tu*f R $r:yo *1 b" cblt u"l, a.r *" W*t" 4 "t/^ ,,,, "8^"y c-i tl" elovo.li.ott. CqL) ,)t ; at Ilaz i,'"twc:,k,w ,{ o" Le,.rcl SULW e-attl* rtu- - \vtk^,"oJ lNril v-0v a^ Ia'L <- 1g lr.rrenvoL:- t1^z ve:,hu\ Attlo,^^ez b"tru"^ CrauLkn e t<:w,pt, u.t, (p*let* iw{.-tval i"al"'st Corro - l* * d".u,sahl"u tD kz^^/e llro,fiftlND4rf Ir'L t^ -^4 N @lulod1- Ce4"tou;.1; iazr.{tc v 6-t . Tt^a C-e"lfetrr't^,*rb"eJ" A.cpu*& ' iav ut<11 o.,1, +l^t' trellniw.aq Lo-tIew (,) c.,rz.1- fon" a- ru JLdc^Jt, tepe,6t npUae Ft4i lr r/ 0 h "{^? , +l^r {.tval i.r, +t/\L guJt 'I . bders W$u1- Itt"a- YaBLhe-4t 1- 16.- y 0.1- 0.5rn 0,b - tm 'l*ky,^r,e-L^.h S ?dr- Itna: lu- 1up6) o.5 -1 Cl n4 0,5 - t"5 m 3 ^^d^ Scah- (lc"n.too^" | '3m Q'5m

Text from page-2

[4 fut,p** n, -.---..---_- "] rt^o,r, : ^;#,; ff;-_ n ' KnPf o-t Ti,"";: x*T,Y-o 0 U O.5 ^ Fsr. ,"r'-!,\Jrjr,4^ ,!^^l d+ e^^jL ne^,kt , bulMnry uk" , ,I an^nx tk. Pon-- n, cr,+"1 sr^^,,<^.t, ^ Cav"t-o<n Le\+$-^ra,L ttr O b - t ^zn Uz a.AyhA , ^^^A [., t\i-ol,r' ertu^Atd, *rt^""V ] u.Ll^ a) o, "1u1,o9tc-a_L Sur^t"r,l, I ; l r t3) j".'^,",oJL N atulo ll^t 'l rVw : ' Lo'"\'b\D" t A +<-\Na\ vr, ^rs . J-t u [b,+ qv.o-/ At . 6nl+- VpAe-t +{,!r. av^r\ w lup'U Xxtt "^)': o,^;d S q ^x W g-0,^ 0 C+) xsf : ' Aealeu* (6 - u-tp+ l^ i^ l</v't&\ fte c.:!N.,,,^- lta^,,,p- q Lp+s.. ) FL^'^dr : La"tte+,t- sJ, lnL<sN 'rL kl4t L^}slL $n""t a^"rt lnN,ilLA, ^l^i"N 1""* ^^" lggrzgflrl! E_q,! y!!E!r,; - d.r l^rt"6 o1"tai &i! ta,*cr. bek"tun Cen+u#u- .-u'E*., _t n Wrtld ^.1 t pi,i?od dl Wr"rtl<,"f ' - Stu-p t +1^r. A , Utt <t" r*t- 6olu6ewtil el)!Lo"k*,t . . 1 I . I ) T,\L +E r €AJrd{J R, ELAD 1g^lf : Y4- ^ d ^t W t"d"^'ld."hbX' (o.1.llu\^',, ! ew ^ fLLarf tt^-L ysl,_A Cp^^JU^^k , s,^ htt ^^cU^^hn, +1"^8!11- e4h ;J cdl"j ^,".,f, !

Text from page-3

6RRPE Ce^rrooB"c -:__: - fl^! : L U"/,LL t^r,A.r" eaU",a ftJ ']*a"\re'^t NL,*I o' TLs'pe,z.t-z- att I nt^at, Lbwlu) . - tl^L d,;l+ut -w w ef,r.^lafrDw 4 hoo Ptwli 4 y^*u c-&.k!^j dilri Ad hl W AtubML!, behJtu +l,bv"\ t ^ alno''y a,- L,^rk^)t t 1r,;^A"" Pq fat t'la 4 eq - Tad,id,^I "n"t qx*Jieu*. 0 8.1 p0 r =ljq' (rr -,r) = , {1-"1 Pq- u4-r Oq = 1Er l2- ,?, pq r Aa^i.4*W LtAiervt UJ (i) !r cJ Pq aa,tl, p -r, q' a."r A,^.L _qq_=qBi{rqr Rr I i+e! u* gulp 4 uc^1 wY" a,"^ L xeclu. p ulwu "1 ^t ^^flutttt;unn t\l^r 4ILLN *e.a/t , Io^"oY "r - O^^/\c'< ^,1 be dt udxA. 6t gn 5*^ 4 "!* !w\ ,. udfr,v arl+Libulr,v) dl ln Syt^u $", p-thlua, 6t Ska;" ^r' Lo u cert fetr-t c,J r^^O"_:;., pUw",i^\ &owv\] xuu'vett't au"zarJ ,^,.^e ' ,.q ;^X.X,ff uj+e!\ L il . ('w ) To 4s12$ stk t t. fe\ i^,\,a.L) +,i al p t""k . r 1,;;) A.n ' :'] l :

Text from page-4

fo [e] CVi] I r k,t4-6.bWt U' ol al etrbrru"" tl&. O O-t (!)-\ o"^.n"\ 4W SLa,til,"^ lx,L a-8".1+\,I \ "X*\ &t"ethora ' ) (vil uln^^dJ,r, Io W G HA T --l- - cq 4 "-\ TRACE& \f'^h\ 4 WU"n ^,^j- "J -- U.^*ou gg ntal,te,"* be)c+<t* n** , rttt-vou.,. tf,"U L< cv"^" 6wk*,ruU$ ^ l* a,\+",,1 W lnu*y tffi ta.-) Iuo g ti^^E b p,ut^xt o" a d\" n, - |d,, o* /.tE? . C-,61\rsrR-uLT!8N: - &t Co"* 94 t t't ft a laruot c 'We uiL * &'^-& 6""-d. C\Js1t C'rt t' AL +t -t 6$'Jr" a"i- k atI'aduA 4n or 0. h^^4, 4 Sacf^f . S+ u LUL^,\^el A - Sr,s+rl |t-s.tk& a:iii,," a. nn\t W S"+*h pwrr.d!, ,/ rt ,1t^t tz atf,'il.ttL *v +l,l' We 'u o'}' " ' U^'' cJt r/,^, +Lo c^}tan t* 1 VJ""t' \ W " l^t a lona "t l+a 6b *owt l l-l^1- li^M, F4 gLnW ta eliN a*LA o-'l' '\th^* taaoa fu {{r-g cr.ees - c,rAr. , il rr &qwu+'a ' fi^] & b'b' u^t ala "^1" ' alta,ill,t k ll^! +ubl 7< Y* ne^1wLat ' $n |a* H^i- t.li'if rue&Ku,Jq: - tltc i^!{1"',r/"r*o.l1 it pl.atd on' o. pe,.;..^t A , o,rtt^ iti (r-"[,.,t ake"" it a\\ R^s, VL^"^r, , A A e*X,av yil,Lu,.b ^^1 i( la bp, antar^t-,rtA . t{"t +-rt.* v 'p["a-uA q* +t^t &q,' ,!, t".rd.* a-r $trel rt cl^c oa^^h, W N"q W sw W Ste"i^ p c'i^\t 8. Irl-c u ^f-Ufu a^d^&e1 1 OID {( I^L LL\^N^ MftW A8 fiu l%,c'-fl|" U^L tt^p V-.na u

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