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Interactive Computer Graphics

by Jntu Heroes
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Jntu Heroes
Jntu Heroes
Interactive Computer Graphics 1
Objectives • Introduction to Interactive Computer Graphics - Software - Hardware - Applications • Top-down approach • Shader-Based OpenGL compatible with - OpenGL 3.1 (and later) - Open GL ES 2.0 - webGL Provided by JNTU World Team 2
Credits • Course structure based on Ed Angel and Dave Shreiner, Interactive Computer Graphics, A Top-down Approach with OpenGL (Sixth Edition), Addison-Wesley, 2012 • Slides based on lectures for CS/EECE 412 Computer Graphics at the University of New Mexico by Prof. Edward Angel Provided by JNTU World Team 3
Prerequisites • Good programming skills • Linux-based software development • Basic Data Structures - Linked lists - Arrays • Geometry • Linear Algebra - Vectors & matrices Provided by JNTU World Team 4

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