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Note for Basic Electronics - BE by Amaravathi Gopagani

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82 ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING 2O1g-14 JAWAHARI.AL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSTY HYDERABAI) - L TIPID 4 -t-t- ll Year B.Tech. ECE-ll Sem C 4 (Alt(}41 2) ELECTRONTC C|RCUIT ANALYSIS Course Objective: To familiarize the student with the analysis and dqsign of basic o transistor amplifier circuits and their frequency response or ld UNIT.I: Single Stage and Mutti Stage Amptifiers Single StageAmplifiers: Classification Analysis of CE, CC, and CB Configur .in characteristiqs, feedback amplifiers, oscillators, large signal amplifiers and tuned amplifiers plifiers, Model, Analysis of CE amplifierwith Emitter Mille/s Theorem and its dual, Design of single stage RC coupled Amplifier using Re BJT. alysis of Cascaded RC Coupled BJT amplifiers, ton Pair, Different Coupling Schemes used in nt uW mplifier, Transformer Coupled Amplifier, Direct UNIT -II: BJT Amplifiers and MOS Amplifiers BJT Amplifiers - Frequency Response: Logarithms, Decibels, General BJT Amplifier, Analysis at bypass Capacitors, The CE Short Circuit Current Gain, current Gain with Resistive Load, single stage cE TransistorAmplifier Response, Gain-Bandwidth Product, Emitter followbr at higher frequencies. Aj MOS Amplifiers [3]: Basic concepts, MOS Small signal model, Common source amplifier with Resistive load. UNIT -III: Feedback Amplifiers and Oscillators Feedback Amplifiers: concepts of Feedback, classification of Feedback teristics of Negative Characteristics, Volt nt Shunt Feedback oscillators: classification of oscillators, conditions for oscillations, RC Phase shift oscillator, Generalized analysis of LC oscillators - Hartley, and

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ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICA1ON ENGINEERING 2013'14 83 Colpitts Oscillators, Wien-Bridge & Crystal Oscillators, Stability of - Oscillators. UNlT-{V: Large Signal Amplifiers : Classification, Class A Large Signal Amplifiers, Transformer Coupled Class A Audio Power Amplifier, Efficiency of Class A Amplifier, Class B Amplifier, Efiiciency of Class B Amplifier, Class-B PushPull Amplifier, Complementary Symmetry Class B Push-Pull Amplifier, Distortion in Power Amplifiers, Thermal Stability and Heat Sinks. or ld .in UNIT.V: Tuned Amplifiers: lntroduction, Q-Factor, Small Signal Tuned Amplifiers, EfIect of Cascading Single Tuned Amplifiers on Bandwidth, Effect of Cascading Double Tuned Amplifiers on Bandwidth, Stagger Tuned Amplifiers' Stability of Tuned AmPlifiers. TEXT BOOKS: lntegrated Electronics - Jacob Millman 1. 1991 Ed., 2008, TMH. 3. Christos C Halkias' Electronic Devices and Circuits, B. P. Singh, Rekha Singh' Pearson, 2013. Design of Analog CMOS lntegrated Circuits - Behzad Razavi' 2008, TMH. uW 2. and REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. 2. - Rashid, Cengage Leaming, 2013 Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory - Bobeil L.Boylestad, Louis ElectronicCircuit Analysis Nashelsky, I Ed.,2008 PE. 3. Microelectric Circuits University Press. 4. 5. Electronic Circuit Analysis Sedra and Smith - nt - - 5 Ed., 2009, Oxford K. Lal Kishore, 2004, BSP. Electronic Devices and Circuits - S, Salivahanan, N.Suresh Kumar, A Vallavaraj, 2 Ed., 2009, TMH. Aj Course Outcomes: Upon completion of the subject, students will be able to: Design and analyse the DC bias circuitry of BJT and FET. . o Analyse the different types of amplifiers, operation and its characteristics . Design circuits like amplifiers, oscillators using the transistors diodes

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www.alljntuworld.in JNTU World JN TU W or ld Pulse and Integrated Circuits Lab Downloaded From JNTU World (http://www.alljntuworld.in)

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www.alljntuworld.in JNTU World Index 1. Linear Wave Shaping 2(a). Non Linear Wave Shaping-Clippers 3. Astable Multivibrator using Transistors 4. Monostable Multivibrator using Transistors or 5(a). Schmitt Trigger using Transistors ld 2(b). Non Linear Wave Shaping-Clampers 5(b). Schmitt Trigger Circuits- using IC 741 6. Measurement of op-Amp parameters W 7. Applications of Op-Amp 8. Instrumentation Amplifier using op-Amp 9. Waveform generation using op-amp (square & triangular) 10. Design Of Active Filters – Lpf, Hpf (First Order) TU 11. Applications of ic 555 timer ( Monostable &Astable multivibrators) 12. PLL Using 1C 565 13. IC723 Voltage Regulator 14. Design of VCO using IC 566 JN 15. 4 bit DAC using OP AMP 2 Downloaded From JNTU World (http://www.alljntuworld.in)

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