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Note for ANTENNA ENGINEERING - AE by praveen j

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Text from page-2

- Now let’s start and configure the Code View debugger. o Type “cv example1.exe’ at the command prompt.Enter “Alt-W” and make sure that you have the following windows on the screen: ƒ Code1 ƒ Registers ƒ Memory 1 Press “Alt-F5” to arrange the windows on the screen. - Set the options. “Alt-O” -> Preferences. Set the options as shown and click “ok”.

Text from page-3

- Again, “Alt-O” -> “Source 1 window” - “Alt-O” - >”Memory 1 window” The configuration is now complete.

Text from page-4

- Let’s look at the program.

Text from page-5

- step through the program and observe execution of each instruction. o Press “F10”. o The debugger will show execution of the first line of the prolog. o Press “F10” until instruction “MOV AX,0” is highlighted. This is the first instruction of your program.

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