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Note for Heat Transfer - HT by Rakesh Pani

  • Heat Transfer - HT
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Course: Heat and Mass Transfer Prerequisites Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics References Incropera FP and Dewitt DP, Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer, Fifth edition, John Wiley and Sons, 2010. Cengel YA, Heat and Mass Transfer - A Practical Approach, Third edition, McGraw-Hill, 2010. Holman JP, Heat Transfer, McGraw-Hill, 1997. Class Timings: ME305 Tue: 9 AM to 10 AM, Wed, Thu, Fri: 11 AM to 12 AM, Room-107 Room-107 Weblinks www.iitp.ac.in/∼sudheer/teaching.html Heat and Mass Transfer Introduction 2 / 537

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Course Content: Heat and Mass Transfer Introduction: What, How, and Where? Thermodynamics and Heat transfer Application Physical mechanism of heat transfer Conduction: Introduction 1D, steady-state 2D, steady-state Transient Heat and Mass Transfer Convection: Introduction External and internal flows Free convection Boiling and condensation Heat exchangers Radiation: Introduction View factors Mass Transfer: Introduction Mass diffusion equation Transient diffusion Introduction 3 / 537

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Heat Transfer - What? The science that deals with the determination of the rates of energy transfer due to temperature difference. Driving force Temperature difference as the voltage difference in electric current as the pressure difference in fluid flow Rate depends on magnitude of dT Heat and Mass Transfer Introduction 4 / 537

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Heat Transfer - How? Heat and Mass Transfer Introduction 5 / 537

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