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Note for Data Mining And Data Warehousing - DMDW by Sahil Kumar

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ldk-r+ rs )^l-n sda ru*Y I {n,,1{i/g-e c.rj<ro ( " nrut ir, d.rrn La-.te)l (tv' on i'.-l....a hfi ( n,n-trt'vi <1, inpricil'l 1 bvtvlou-t&/ unhno'"n / f,k^hrlily w4*.L) in1r"n*l-,6n a-r p^+t-rH f*rn 'L+o in (,^f,", otra. E "r*+,t[ AU"a no,J-t'u<- lvq rw+t : -- , D.^lj N^'y ' kn 1, . ,^ A+ u r.rt .' a H rn otuat4, t Lot/ eqt nn, - ::::,u h4' AoLo drt,L1 in6 Ltha;- 1', ?1 t- W::^,m-rr, *!, : i 'l'n p'a'h'o't k^, v"t,t',v ,l- D*h Kr,^^,^.t ,_ ' fO. |rrt;u-) ,r-, f*r,^iy ' 6p,rl- sVkw 6r cn"ll "r r }[}qn-- o{ untr drJq ltrHi,y ? ftk n+. , * Lt h ^ 6,uriud fnkr,g.nu,_a1o l < l_ kilhel /nV m*t ^1--urAhh+; ru',^ . Dohl,-. . hl n ud q' .ily: L A,,\qlrd,!i I !- 9 +"W t7r^nnl-ah -d frt. c"nh' lta naX<ra4.nt Faleo_h^t l""a_.lkal . (itrc Arol1t,,t t gccfrirn c,thp^rl- A* n-s. b, rc*l rn ^/ t CuAhp<,t A,rrl.,/4it , trott frllr'V / . etvznl- t,,,J-,-.^ O.t Knlth',n tr Lb*-rc*,-*, Yxaa.lrel

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' d<k" li un €ror'rd r g l?*., fle^n7-tu-^E ( e k_.Lhn,*_ l-*'V -) a T,^].<-Ll; --) Arfr n"rt UAf uu -d (vu,", thqh t 7t* e-nea'( / .l,ctr) !. ut.a AWra flwu<ily ",^"rril Sp'rR Dryr fr"*q. <jaJ '"1 ^hhL'ce.t; -T"v* --\ tn", I U^'9 irl."h\ furr-r,a:- c. * J*,*^iit / A ( \ ( \ { ( I { I I ( )nl'b o,t* jrtT?=ll , go,Y fi'l,a I -v 1 l-- 6l:- ?+1 - F"UV oU-rtorl el-t . *t ( { q-( q rkV in f+^- -)L Pn - c"'t t 4 A",*l'sy-

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