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Note for Analog and Digital Communication - ADC By Bharathi Raja

  • Analog and Digital Communication - ADC
  • Note
  • Anna University -
  • Computer Science Engineering
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Text from page-1

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Text from page-2

Sirnptifloci Eloc.lr c$ mPrsoige i n1o r dlcr-g r'orn I 7t' crns .o i ssio n oo-l Tt" crnsrnitl-ar lor) .rr o r.' ct+io,r^, &ourco. (7649 t t flgen Lr) aif c$n aI ' aL eU Pe cri Y's r dirlm (o\') C-o rr, r'' urni ra*f Ch . Sg on Trcr,ns rn ? Lttr anne.l J-7" r LOD. mro corornt-tn?ccr{fon flz*er"r xJer," no&o o-o . ro cl s$naJ Ro cq? , , JoLtt-$e"renv. : t'c ct'rclLi'fu a* @l>vo=& 'h L nn &{-f o'r' *o a *{ o rr''r ro g0e Suf'I.aJ gLltt'c4 ?niorr J ouTqFno-.{ -<) e Pa.l L7 lr."L|ol m ocLf u-n ' .4ri r" cL Ds rrr E s io n . ot aA 6pt\oc*?on o{ o-1o c-tt-o n e-l t rn o d8urn) q 3 u-r^r') Xt r'"e cl ,t^, cl t(itz). ) eoPPet tl-,I'rroJ t Ch cr-nn l) co c, 3) oPtrSc,.l ,ffiflo-o rct?-l tocs +-ro c- 5 (.m ca b ter f bt* m o rb o. hrrtz) s'o (. a{ l M ic o-ou: a=re ' &euJver -f+ &nya-'t Modu-l Ha) lore hu+z) ed I trm P&cE or$58n a-t : +ha ' a-n d sa'l-tfU i-, +o fL rnocL.u-latJ s$no-l r{orrn a'lrcn tfie p:toc-t-u *t C.hcrngfn.f snq on lnow caa'rien^ *. re'ior#o- uo9+A' ana)og t-fio-r 4 Pt opt s19n'"-J To reduce the arnp,ti*ude $ hyrrn*1iet :Lt iJ

Text from page-3

Com rn 4n a) Ap 'ul oL vn! ca-tf oa- ln4oz m a1f oo & Co "q nr m n9 c a{flo-o ur 61tgL a-l I %, +n , FM r PN1, At( , /-rn p tf hrcto &{ ccto-rriq6 Por # o-o to uarfod r"o Dto 'anoiog. ' I -t ,d I ) E$i+al con th"lotLBh ana-Lo1 carrf e' S$afu. & co rn rr-, ur oPcal-io, Jz'ansmfjsTo o . otrgi+"t s$na1 P'ltso) ( o or' - 5 rro Lt) ore tnaoslord . r) :t u-r? & possirtz ,nU -lt, ur:9re d Ca.lrr nn urltrrl'ha +o *n ?n4o#m .U crfioo riboal Jl Corn Putctam) ' Co ro ro ' Potl Ph fM, +toqLpny *t ccrt-!-ior & -of.ql+ a-.1 Qadio ikre the ' 1o -{'h e a3?+al 5t va-l t o d t'o pt-opo-r$ e-' a-l Lr loioo-."atroo a n-n p Li M& q ct n o-[ y Fn{o-t rn o*on Xl & bs'a n:J or'tool tbror-"ph' i.o n o1t7 ca-qi on $ Mobih coro' 3 t$ naJ pM,eha-rog cat.#orr i, vOLSoA Mod u-laf?oo & 'noco-s3a-t# Pn pro po-r-t1 o n o-l ftl tho arnptitt I Ch ap n of- tJ .{ o-.o €-t P a-t' \ aoilog lnp."cn a:t?on rt9,*.{. arnpf+.rcLe DL. - eo-r't iot' sf4 nal :.. V(t) = V"os [rir fc t * { rir rro-lfu' r-rs-l.,o-tP , l/ * poa-K arnptJt'.t& tn l1z {c - ccrro-fer c&'*q t4''9 0 - Pha.to- Jht++ n Qo-d?a-o' lo FA( AM I J i/(t). V cns P r.o (An atoj ti.-prm a-tfon) I J LQTt { tt + eJ. a / vI a., Fsr ASK. I v. psK (,offr'ta,r ii.fo'" r",a*f f oa) >J q,414: t &AM. moan3 ora yfy Qam p lfm Q . bolh #rn p t166- 4-o + p ho-i o a*f

Text from page-4

l-eSr @ Jhqt KV,.y) i +"rO t-r't.rcL % c ce rtr'oz' & ua-tlocl rn Pw p,o1i,,r., fb arnp lih-td" Y sl3 Lta-t ?nlorrn aula-n lrn^1 i t A---p lr"r,-tcl-r . FSK, ?oog,,11"y n4 roo-t-ios & cncr-rFecttb propor'/'{oo +D co- p cui.', d, + d-r3 &ctl ?o$b.., - ..fi"o o s19 n aJ FSK , Pha-ta q co-,-rio-o- & ,ret,ld 1[ p-uopo-iffen vbo-.n pui'crrct^ q ag r+al lnft-,rrr u{f'n -el9na-L' ' BlocX dfagnar, lot u Mlodulot?oo (od , qa-o ,$veQwp Jo utc.n- tnforrootloo "4 Cot:r1rp ,, f' qu!n$t tr-nlcal/o-4 Sgs{-e'nChci,, Pou: ' J ?rOgulr$ P-', Arnp[,.J+c vun-e$ convorttr. #fgn totol llnte.rn a*fe,naJ *Xooqurny o lge rn od osd [[o[or n ula{br. Pom octu I atzd I rtprrn ie-lBcorr,rounttd un&o tIEu) a-t7on Eond - ExtaomarJ Lo(r) +r'eg .!'n+y. - 3o t)z t, 3oc Hz) vF - Vo-P..2 {rcqunry - 300 tt2 ,o 3 Fl-t" \1LP - yory tou, 9-.agcl--q-nry * 3 t< lo go 6, tLF LF * tlt' T"oqt.-l-lnU -JbK tD goo ir * \.tr-dfum +.oq,e,"'U - 3oox lo 3 nrrHr llF [st-,ort)uo-yo) - U{$a, o(*q""on} -3^r .t" 30 ro z h&n +""qurnq9 - Sorn "to 3oo mfl? \rH p * t/o4\.1 UU gF}F- - t)ifr,e nt"gn +roq\}-Lnu - 3oo rn dc .) 6,rHz SHF - St-Lpor. ht8h rcCr.Lotg - 3 g +o 3o & iljF - ex-trernory n[8n ts-pquanSl -9o &Ft: +o 5oo GrH< MF Jrr.{rro-t ed vtsi.ble, I

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