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Note for English Communication Skills - ECS by Suman Kumar Acharya

  • English Communication Skills - ECS
  • Note
  • Biju Patnaik University of Technology Rourkela Odisha - BPUT
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A Circular Letter Announcing The Change Of Address 17 Orchard Road Beechwood, OH 45432 Mr. David Simmons Personnel Manager Calculate industries, inc 3275 Commercial Park Drive Bonneville,MI49474 Dear Sir, We are pleased to inform you that we are going to move from old premises at No. 17 Orchard Road to No. 115 Orchard Road due to our needs of larger spaces for increasing orders from our customers. In the last five years , we have grown well with your relation and cooperation. Therefore, we request that you send all your communications as of January 1, 2015 to our new address. We believe that the new place will be more beneficial for you. Yours faithfully, George Williams

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A Circular Letter For Competition To : All Dining Room Staff From : Desmond Downer Date : June 30, 2012 prana The Dining room Manager is expected to develop our standard of service in our hotel dining room. In this connection, I hope all of the dining room staff will give the brilliant idea to design our table positioning which can make our guests expectations reached. The design must be submitted to Dining room manager at July 15, 2012. Everyone is invited to send more than one design. The best 3 selected designs will be used in our dining room in monthly turn. Everyone whose design selected will be rewarded by Hotel Director. School Circular Letter Circular Letter Number: __________________ In order to increase the safety and security of our campus, we herewith announce that all of University of Saint Barbara students abide by the following rules and obligations : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ................ …………………. …………………. …………………. …………………. There will be official staff assigned to make sure all parties obey these

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rules and obligations. Firm actions will be taken to those who do not obey or violate obligations mentioned above. If there is something you need to know pertaining to these new rules and obligations, please contact the official staff on duty at (345) 67890. Thank you for your attention and participation. Saint Barbara, April 24, 2014 Noah Williams Rector Difference between a Notice & a Circular Webster's Third New International Dictionary (Unabridged) gives the applicable definition of "notice" as "a written or printed announcement or bulletin." The same source defines "circular" as "an announcement, advertisement, or directive typically in the form of a printed leaflet intended to be sent to many persons or otherwise distributed widely." Here are five differences between a circular and a notice. 1. Typically you would print very few copies of a notice (possibly only one), but you might print thousands of copies of a circular. 2. A notice is usually posted on a wall or similar fixed structure, while a circular is designed to be distributed in various locations, or mailed. 3. A notice is generally intended to be read by many people; each circular is likely to be read by one person: a circular goes to people, but people come to a notice.

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4. Since a notice is designed to be read by groups of people, it is likely to be printed in a larger typeface so that it can be read at a distance; a circular can be printed in small type, since it will be hand-held by individuals. 5. A notice is more likely to have legal standing than a circular, since it is difficult to prove that circulars have reached their target audience, while a notice that is prominently posted may be assumed to have been read by the public. Circular Circular and notice are similar. The only difference is that circular is not placed at a notice board or some public portal. It can be written in a register or file and circulated to all interested members. It is made sure that it is brought in the notice of every member. Circular vs Notification Notifications and circulars are commonly used documents and, in most ministries and their departments, one can see an abundance of circulars and notifications informing employees and everybody concerned about rules, methods or changes in policies implemented by the government or a higher authority. This article attempts to highlight the differences between circular and notification, for the benefit of those who are confused between notification and circular and cannot differentiate between them. In India, both are issued by Central Board of Direct Taxes. Circular Inside a ministry or a department, circular is made use of to explain some aspect of a law. Sometimes it is seen that another circular may be issued to clarify a point left over in the previous one. Otherwise, a legislative amendment is made to rectify the situation. Any law or a section of a law is explained in this manner to the employees of the ministry. It is more of an administrative guideline meant to clarify doubts. Explanatory

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