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Note for Internet of Things - IOT By Abhishek Apoorv

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Outline   •  •  •  •  Introduc1on  to  IoT   Enabling  technologies   Open  problems  and  future  challenges   Applica1ons   2

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What  is  IoT?   •  A  phenomenon  which  connects  a  variety  of  things     –  Everything  that  has  the  ability  to  communicate   3

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Connec1on  of  Mul1ple  Visions   Source: Atzori et al. 2010 4

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IoT  Defini1ons   •  The  Internet  of  Things,  also  called  The  Internet  of  Objects,   refers  to  a  wireless  network  between  objects,  usually  the   network  will  be  wireless  and  self-­‐configuring,  such  as   household  appliances.    (Wikipedia)   •  The  term  "Internet  of  Things"  has  come  to  describe  a   number  of  technologies  and  research  disciplines  that   enable  the  Internet  to  reach  out  into  the  real  world  of   physical  objects.  (IoT  2008)   •  “Things  having  iden11es  and  virtual  personali1es  opera1ng   in  smart  spaces  using  intelligent  interfaces  to  connect  and   communicate  within  social,  environmental,  and  user   contexts”.  (IoT  in  2020)     5

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