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VISION College of Engineering is committed to provide highly disciplined, conscientious and enterprising professionals conforming to global standards through value based quality education and training. MISSION To provide competent technical manpower capable of meeting requirements of the industry To contribute to the promotion of Academic Excellence in pursuit of Technical Education at different levels To train the students to sell his brawn and brain to the highest bidder but to never put a price tag on heart and soul DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING VISION Rendering the services to the global needs of engineering industries by educating students to become professionally sound mechanical engineers of excellent caliber. MISSION To produce mechanical engineering technocrats with a perfect knowledge intellectual and hands on experience and to inculcate the spirit of moral values and ethics to serve the society 3

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ME6711-SIMULATION AND ANALYSIS LABORATORY COURSE OBJECTIVES • To give exposure to software tools needed to analyse engineering problems • To expose the students to different applications of simulation and analysis tools List of Experiments A. Simulation 1. MAT LAB basics, dealing with matrices, Graphing-functions of one variable and two variables 2. Use of MATLAB to solve simple problems in vibration 3. Mechanism Simulation using multi body dynamic software B. Analysis 1. Force and stress analysis using link elements in Trusses, cables etc. 2. Stress and deflection analysis in beams with different support conditions. 3. Stress analysis of flat plates and simple shells. 4. Stress analysis of axi-symmetric components. 5. Thermal stress and heat transfer analysis of plate. 6. Thermal stress analysis of cylindrical shells. 7. Vibration analysis of spring-mass systems. 8. Model analysis of beams. 9. Harmonic, transient and spectrum analysis of simple systems. COURSE OUTCOMES Upon completion of this course, the students can model, analyse and simulate experiments to meet real world system and evaluate the performance. 4

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ME6711-SIMULATION AND ANALYSIS LABORATORY CONTENTS Sl. No. Name of the Experiments Page No. Analysis 1 2 3 Study of Basics in ANSYS 7 Stress analysis of a plate with a circular hole Stress analysis of rectangular L bracket 13 16 5 Stress analysis of beams (Cantilever, Simply supported & Fixed ends) Stress analysis of an axi-symmetric component 6 Thermal stress analysis of a 2D component 34 7 Conductive heat transfer analysis of a 2D component 37 8 Convective heat transfer analysis of a 2D component 40 4 9 10 Simulation Mode frequency analysis of beams (Cantilever, Simply supported & Fixed ends) Harmonic analysis of a 2D component 20 31 43 48 11 Introduction to MAT LAB 51 12 Simulation of Spring-mass system using MAT LAB Simulation of cam and follower mechanism using MATLAB 59 13 Beyond the Syllabus 14 Introduction to LS-DYNA 63 67 5

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