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Micro Electro Mechanical System

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One hour lecture presentation on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (2nd Semester, M-Tech.) by 1 Mr. Upesh Patel, EN, PCE, NAGPUR.

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TOPIC - MINIATURIZATION AND MICROMACHINING • Why miniaturization? • Design concepts of MEMS devices. • Microsensors and Microactuators. • What is Micromachining? • Bulk and surface micromachining. • Liga process. 2

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WHY MINIATURIZATION? • Smaller in size. (microscale i.e um). • Require less volume physical entity. • Very lower power consumption. • More sensitive to input variations. • Cheaper due to mass production. • Less invasive than larger devices. • Portability. 3

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DESIGN CONCEPT • MEMS have tiny mechanical components and supporting electrical circuitry on the same substrate (Microaccelerometer.) • The design of mechanical components are not possible by mechanical process such as drilling, machining, milling , forging, casting, welding. • The technology used to design minute mechanical components with using well established IC fabrication technology is called as Microfabrication or Micromachining. • The MEMS devices are batch manufactured same as complex IC CHIP in fabrication foundry. • The success of MEMS device depends upon how we can exploit the IC fabrication technology to design complex machine components on a single chip to form a complete system, output of which then can be further processed by other electronics circuitry to 4 achieve requirement.

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