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Note for System Analysis and Design - SAD by RATNESH YADAV

  • System Analysis and Design - SAD
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What is a system? • A system – Is a set of interrelated components – With a clearly defined boundary – Working together to achieve a common set of objectives – By accepting inputs and producing outputs in an organized transformation process 1- 2

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Systems have three basic functions: • • • Input involves capturing and assembling elements that enter the system to be processed Processing involves transformation process that convert input into output Output involves transferring elements that have been produced by the transformation process to their ultimate destination 1- 3

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What is an Information System? • An organized combination of – People – Hardware – Software – Communications networks – Data resources – Policies and procedures • That stores, retrieves, transforms, and disseminates information in an organization 1- 4

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Information System (IS) versus Information Technology (IT) • IS is all the components and resources necessary to deliver information and functions to the organization • IT is hardware, software, networking and data management • In theory, IS could be paper based • But we will focus on Computer-Based Information Systems (CBIS) 1- 5

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