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Note for Advanced Digital Signal Processing - ADSP by laxmikant kalkonde

  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing - ADSP
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UNIT VI (New Branch of DSP) BY Prof L.S.Kalkonde Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Prof Ram Meghe College of Engineering & Technology,Badnera

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The Need The increasing need in modern digital systems to process data at more than one sampling rate has lead to new sub area in DSP known as “Multirate Processing”

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Purpose of Topic 1. Multirate digital signal processing (DSP) is one of the most crucial subtopics when applying DSP to practical applications. 2. Multirate DSP is nowadays utilized in several areas including among others •Sampling rate conversions. •Filter synthesis •Signal, image and video compressions •Signal analysis and enhancement As well as •In instrumentation, speech and audio signal processing. •Biomedical Engineering, and Communications. 3. The purpose of this course is to show how multirate DSP can be exploited in the above-mentioned applications and how to design effective DSP algorithms based on the use of multirate DSP.

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Purpose of Topic 1. Digital Audio 1. 32 kHz – Broadcasting 2. 44.1 kHz – Compact Disc 3. 48 kHz – Audio tape 2. Digital Video 1. NTSC - 14.3181818 2. PAL – 17.734475

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