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Note for Object Oriented System Design - OOSD by SHUBHAM KUMAR

  • Object Oriented System Design - OOSD
  • Note
  • Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology - KIIT
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • B.Tech
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An overview of object-Oriented Systems Development OOSD- Introduction 2

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Q. What major problems have you encountered during past software projects? o o o o o o Project estimation (under estimation) Time, effort estimation Premature implementation Quick prototyping the problem Feeling of understanding problem but really not Changing requirements (Waterfall model, Incremental model, Evolutionary development model, Agile model) OOSD- Introduction 3

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Introduction • Software development is dynamic 1. Always undergoes major changes 2. Current and future practice will be different 3. Anticipate the methods and tools to succeed 4. Can not predict the future • Today, vast number of tools and methodologies are available for systems development. System development activity consists of Systems analysis, modeling, design, testing, implementation, and maintenance. OOSD- Introduction 4

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A software (SW) development methodology is a series of processes, if followed, can lead to the development of an application. Each process consists of number of steps and rules to be followed during development. Unified Approach is the methodology used by Dr. Ali Bahrami for learning OOSD. OOSD- Introduction 5

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