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“ Spintronics “A Spin to Remember” Presented By:- Submitted To:- Talha Nishat Er. Pankaj Singh 1705232910 ”

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Outline What is Spintronics? Why Spintronics? Electronics Vs. Spintronics . Advantages . Future demands Principle Fabrication & Working of spin devices Applications Conclusion . References

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What is Spintronics?  Spintronics is a blend of electronics with spin.  It refers to the study of the role played by the electron spin in solid state physics and possible devices that specifically exploits spin properties of electrons instead of it’s charge.  It promises new logic devices which enhances functionality, high speed and reduced power consumption.

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 In addition to charge state, electron spins are exploited as a further degree of freedom, with implications in the efficiency of data storage and transfer.  Spintronic systems are most often realised in dilute magnetic semiconductors (DMS) and Heusler alloys.  Particular interest in the field of quantum computing.

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