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Note for Distributed System - DS By Pavithra S

  • Distributed System - DS
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University of Tartu, Institute of Computer Science Distributed Systems MTAT.08.009 ***** eero.vainikko@ut.ee Course homepage (http://courses.cs.ut.ee/2017/ds/fall) Fall 2017

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2 Practical information Tutors: Teachers: Annika Laumets <annika.laumets@ut.ee> Eero Vainikko Andre Tättar <andre.tattar@ut.ee> Amnir Hadachi Andres Namm <andres.namm@ut.ee> Artjom Lind

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3 Practical information Lectures: WED 14:15, Liivi 2 - 405 Practical sessions: 1. group FRI 10:15 Paabel (Ülikooli 17) room 218 (Amnir Hadachi, tutor: Annika Laumets) 2. group WED 8:15 J.Liivi 2 - 403 (Artjom Lind, tutor: Andre Tättar) 3. group FRI 10:15 J.Liivi 2 - 205 (Eero Vainikko, tutor: Andres Namm) Lectures: 32h; Practical sessions: 32h; Independent work: 92h Final grade: 1. Seminar tasks (20%) 3. Active participation at lectures (10%) 2. Homework (40%=20+20) 4. Final exam (30%)

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4 Practical information Active participation Active participation at lectures – • Create your own theme sheet portfolio for each lecture theme – DEADLINE: 1 week after each lecture (or 1/2 points later!) • Can use whatever way to privately share the link to the portfolio • Submission of the link through the course page – Be inventive! For example – use ∗ Google Sites (incl. Google Docs, Slides, videos, quizes with the help of Google Forms etc...) ∗ University of Tartu ownCloud http://owncloud.ut.ee – uploading word/text-file, pictures or scans of your notes taken at the lecture

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