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I nt' ' ' CIVIL ENGINEERING A 」。セャQカイ@ 「・NZセュ@ uf 'P"" 4m "nd cru"scctional area !I 3m Bゥ、セ@ nnd 0 4m d<>CJl ;_, -"'-'hJeOed イセ@ .1 」ッセ・ョエイLQ、@ load r>f Ill k!\ atlhe !lee end. ZM\・AGャ」エゥョセ@ GBャᄋキ・jセィエN@ the ma,imum bcndtng ウオセA@ at a S<XLion 2m fmm the free ;,nd will k • > ' ?_ ' A セキエャLN・イ@ 1< ^Zエ「ェ・」セ、@ w H unifmmlv W nvor irs whole length distrihmed エセッ、@ 1 ' and a wncentrated upwa1·rl fnrce W at fr"" <:ncl ll" [1.,., end TI1e cldlectiL>ll of lィセ@ ' ,, kN'm' 2500 k\/m' 21) Zero I _ WI.' _ 38·1 FJ 4000kN-'m' SOOilkN-'m' !-0< the 、・\エゥLNセャ@ オエGセ@ "imply ^uーャエセ、@ R.CC T-bcam, the ratio of lite ctlbcttw span to rhe overnli derth nf the heam <hmtld nm ' d , _2_ W!' t "' 24 1 wt cxcoccl ; a I il b c 20 30 d '10 」NGセ@ I plac<:<l wtllo ッョセ@ <l•agortal > ' IMd W and um!'utrnlv 9 I .18-1 1,1 ,, WI' 384 H I) WI' 10 ' ' '" over the entire span. its total heing W The max1mum in the 「セュ@ ;, t to the n1omcm of rc>Jstnncc of the heam when placed witb h"'iwnwl wili be ' '="·'" which for a giwn !tltess. the rat]() of tile moment of re<i<mnce nf' heam of GセャAイ・@ キィセエ@ キセ」・ョイ。エ、@ beam >\ H of 'P"n - r throughout !t .184 ,,, I 414 d ' ' 15 Wi' ---384 FJ Q 7 The g1 ᄋセョ@ f, J\UIC >heN; til<' Dセ、ッョ@ of a wooden beam stiffened with tv.o steel I 414 rlate• ead nfthickne.<>'t <ecurely ftxed to the sャ、セウM tィセ@ seo;ond moment of area of tile fletciled benm nbout the .X-X ョセゥウ@ rs (giYen d- overall depth nfthe be,lm_ b- widlli '"''"' CGセキB@ the soxtion' A and 1:1 Rnrl iャ・イセ@ ore· "'' 」セエoャ。@ lr>lldi .;:,;,, between the rwo section:;. lf the value oi C I< 10.000 Nm_ then the ュ。^Nオョセ@ sllcat sire'" LS il b tlw wuudo11 •uctiun and 111 d modular ratio of !he "'odui1 of 、ヲエウゥセI@ 'tee! and wood) セイ@ I S \1);im" l 0 \-\N;m' 0 5 \-r\lm' www.examrace.com

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II (h '1i)d' h 12 hingtd, d (h+2mi)- ' d 21!:tn_,if 12 12 of a column of lengtil ·1," In tlte セョ^・@ m<1men1 nf inertia "f cm«-<eCTi<m ·rand ュ」セャオG@ ul' the BGセエ・イゥ。ャ@ セャA「@ b;- an 41·-f '\ 0 /} wlumn theory.ts given by 11':1 ·\ セNMᄋョ@ I --- r.' 1 2..- F! h 'uppurl )/o/J. ( ' of the column "C-. being htnged at both ends, the hm:kling load, accmding to Euler"s " ィゥョセ」@ エィセ@ The lixeJ end bendtng anmum il. nf tile momcnr indued at """h セョ、@ due 1,1 the horizomai member ofrhc ヲイ。ョセ@ mppmt '"II セ・@ tgi•·en that L <inkm!,l セヲエィ・@ l!.lld U io the 11 the lcn;\lh (>f the ュセエ^」イ@ >ltffneii$) セ・クオュャ@ " hd' Yuu11g'' 1 ut' : ' Q I I In an othel'.•isc symmetrical portnl and The mher e11d f;-ame wllh one end ヲゥセ・イャ@ I I * 。ュセ@ :l ·n '![ 60"- d ih I !-m the ;etammg wall shown'" liTe gJ<'Cn !lgure if tile ,m-ess'" the h""l i< rem. ·H' will be Gエオイ。ァセ@ tlte イョエャセゥュオ@ {0] : :- - ᄋセG@ a 7 5m b 5m I I L rv ·' 1• )-·· Specitk matenal j . ®> Wow:"::l .イセ@ •I""'" in fig is B"rding 'vlomenl "' ZL[セG@ ' ,\ 2-meter dilllnet.:r water pipe;, re<juird "'"'"' head of wateL w withstand " セuo@ Aosuming 1he li rHiHilg ォイャセG」@ " h ; I< ' ' ,,R d - I< 8 " >U cs1 fur Jhc the pire mMerial tn he 2(1(! ォァNゥGZセBR@ the Df matenai the of thickness 11nnimum pipe to be used Wtl! have to be a 5 em b lCI<:m c !Scm J. 2Ckm The frame shown in 1he !',iven figure ha• www.examrace.com

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- a _{ ul" rano Tllen perm abil;t>es would dJ!Ter T1 b c d bee• オウセ@ Then pGBMャゥセウ@ W\llild h 、ゥヲ・Qセュ@ h ll1e<r degr""s nf •amralinn "nuld he & One ut\known reacti.:m セッューョ・@ T\W l>lllnv•vn 1oanwn wmpl•ne"b lhree unknown renc11011 compolwll5 s;, cm,nown エセッゥカャ@ cwnpun.,nb rhe ohsolute ma><1n1ull1 Hendmg m。ュセョエ@ in " simpl)' <upported Ileum of span 20 m 、Bセ@ to a ュッカョセ@ '> a udl l>f ·i Lim ^jMGセョュァ@ GBセ@ m '" c 、ゥヲtセGB@ Thci r dcn>itic' would he di ffcrcn1 d. ャQセ@ ''"" Q。ョァセG@ ct.nerent 20 uf ゥィセイ@ W>iJ Mml<l b. Dtonng seepoge 1hmugh Ji1 セョオ@ of GBp。セ@ ゥセ@ " Pamlldm•hc;o'"'""'""' b. htpenJiculm b 8' 5 1-m at the support H'! ' t-m ョセッイ@ the midp,,rnt c 3 S 1-m at !hot tmdp<lint of d H"i ' Hn ot thcmi6poil1t '" tィセ@ plasttc se<:tum modulus of a 1eclanJ,Wla! sl-..11011 ut" v..<dib 100 mm and depth 12 mm ;, a_ 1000mm 1 b I セP@ セTP@ " mm' 1 mm lloll0mm 1 Ctmstder the tbll<>WJ ng statemem.; I セッ」G@ "'"'• "''"'"" "'" """' Clays whifh c>:hib11 h1gh aC1i"ty q' GセBᄋ@ -''"' ""'' '''"""" ,,,,,,. "'""'" '"' ""''"1' "" ,,., Contain rnonmmrillmme_ ._,.,_,, \--·· '\ ,__--..._/ __ ""''"""' "'" ' """ '-' Ll·· "" , __ セ@ > " The paretic line is wrre<;tly 'hown '" ヲャセゥGc@ L⦅セ@ d 1 and 11 b_ lnndlll c 11 dlon" d ll and Ill dlo...;tiv" dngl• of iillemal Given Lhdl エィセ@ li"il'"ll OH of IL ;u1l i < I<I'' Ilie a11gl C bt'I"'CO"II the failure plane and Qィセ@ m•jor 1>rinciple opttmum moiSture cont,ncnt) H .V" wlill1t<'11.,a<(' '"lit irl\'><'a\C 1r1 OMC b r..· wtll McreJse w1111 mcrea<e 1n OVIC ,. FJ "LII dccre.tsc w1th dceccnsc tn ',, NセL@ WI ' 17 5' J75' 411' 0 50" '' In which OMC d plan will he lJ I ョセ。s@ WL th o.k"l ・セL[@ 111 0\.fC '1. ウセューォ@ of day and a セ。ューャエ@ ot' !-and lla'e 1hc '""'" >pecific gmvity and vnid ッョセ@ of the following situftt1om would one liS<' 'I"'"' fmm pa•amrtr'' <'ll>la,nd quick le:;t witi1 pore セ」Lョウオャゥ、。エ@ P"'"'ure meaMtrement,·• www.examrace.com a QMッL[mュゥセ@ on [Zセjエケ@ snnds

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.ld 1.' 24. 3. C'om•oliolak<l untt"incd lri,xi•l k'! 4. (huck l':tnc shear bl ("odes: b. Rxc"'.'ahon rn •:otumbl d•Y• dams ami slop 'tal:l!lrty c:. ャGイセカゥッョウ@ d_ [letennination of e.llth pre.su-.,s m satur•ted days foll•JI\'ing ャゥュ\ッイNセZ@ Consider エィセ@ on:v on pu.rdy ーセイャ\^ュ、@ 1. C"n ィセ@ lc" soils セᄋjィ・ュ@ 2. Plan< offailllle is ーQセ、」エ・イュゥョッ@ -'- tィセッ」@ 11 virtually no control on 、イ。ゥュァセ@ 'J, 3 ' n_ 4_ ?\ nn-un if.,rrn dr<tnhcrti"n of <In''"'' .ample canrot 5_ Principal sm."'"' in セエ・@ be determined The hmil3tions tnhe1ent tn d reel shear te"t incluJe "· h. A I " B c D 3 2 4 ; 4 ' 4 4' 3 2 ·I For stabilitv malvsis critical エィセ@ cohe•i-ce ウセゥャN@ to lie ot the into<>cotion of and h b. Tho unc-thinl 1.2 and 3 2__'\ and 4 3A and 5 1.2 :tnd 5 Consider the foll•)Wing a.surnptiom occum on a pane [オイエ。」セ@ L f。ゥャオ」セ@ )_ Wall ;, 'momh hut n"t GセB。イᄋャケ@ c "· RセN@ |GセイエAcZャN@ 3. Fmlu·c wedge u; a rig1<l of c•tlh Coulo111b"o エィセッIG@ baoci on assumptwm a_ 1. 2 and 3 h_ l:tndl c. land3 d_ ャ。ョ、セ@ 26 by using 2.5m b 29_ d. \I! m In a '"tnrated day layer オョ、・イッゥセ@ drainage it ill L[セァォ@ キゥセL@ 」ッセGャゥ、。エᄋョ@ 1.-ould be the J11essue water pore top_ the mcximum at its a. Top b \Iiddle c c a\· foundation of an of rate whose ;, _,uch that some ' ' "'"''""' lnittal <tcbihl} ol' J(Jvling Ofi "'luratcd dty C. Long-term "tahilit:> of " >lope in elill' fis.<UTQd day. day D l'ounhtion Ofi soft ュ。ョセ@ depmJted, Lhtll l'nlr<inud !roil te>l 2_ l:lraired triaxial test 5m c. 7.5m Bottorn "'the 「ッエセjュ@ d. Top"' キセョ@ lOrn A s:tturatcJ cl.ty stratum of エィゥ」ォイオセウ@ and hol!om by medium on セjp@ 「ッセュォ、@ h•> ,, codrcicnt or Mnd ャッケセBG@ セBG@ comolirlaton of 0.(•02 em'·,_ If thi; ll• lo:ding. it is likdv otntum is ッオ「⦅Qセ」エ、@ o:' its primarv セPGMッ@ lh<t ll WoUlll セョ、」イァッ@ in on セBャゥイ「エ@ 11 '6 days b. 227 da;-o ' ' ' 284 da;•s da)'S セ「@ ·R" on the w:--f:tco A ,;n;nlor '""'of GBャゥセ@ is umli>rmly of" semi- mlimlc soJ! www.examrace.com inlomtlv of q. The a loaJing lo;dcd "'th m:t-"

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