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Previous Year Exam Questions for Structural Analysis-1 - SA-1 of 2015 - AKTU by Rishav Khatri

  • Structural Analysis-1 - SA-1
  • 2015
  • PYQ
  • Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University - AKTU
  • Civil Engineering
  • B.Tech
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I Printed Pages: 6 NCE5O4IECE5O4 (Following Paper ID and Roll No. to be filled in your RollNo. B.TECII. (sEM. \0 THEORY EXAMINATION, 2015-16 STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS-2 [Time:3 haurs] [MaximumMarks:100] Section-A 1. Attempt all parts . All parts canTi equal marks. Write answer of all part in short . (2x10:20) (a) What is meant by relative stiffnes of a member? (b) Define shape factor. (c) State (d) Define flexibility coefficient. 18200 Muller Breslau's Principle for ILD. (1) P.T.O, ...,

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r I r i. t (e) What if the value of stiffness coefficient coffespondrng to rotation ofpropped end in Fig. l ? ;> A, 1Ih {$*-E-L%B Fig -1 (0 What is distribution factor? (e) What i s degree of static and kinematic indeterminacy in following frame ofFig.2? C il Fig-z (h) Name any three force methods for analysis of structure (i) What is the expression f-or cornputing length of a cable for horizorital span 'I' and central dip 'h'when both supports arc atsame level? 0) Draw ILD for BM at a section at x meters from left support of a two hinge parabolic arch of span'[' and rise 18200 'h'. (2) NCEsO4IECE504

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Section-B Attempt any five questions from this section.(10x5:50) 2. Using the method of consistent deformation determine the reaction of a propped cantilever beam shown in Fig.3 stiffness(k) of spring is 800kN lm and EI of beam is 3 x l0rokNirnm2 B [+*161-* -***---.1 3. f, Fig -3 Find support moments for the beam shown in Fig. Aby slope deflection method. 15kl{lm l*** |*** 4. e,.,, er.n **-.+{$"sffi1+*1.5ffi*q **_-*:l$"5ffi1.+*1.5ffi*q Fig "4 Prove that horzontal thrust developed due to a point load W acting at crown in a two hinged semicircular arch of radius 'R' is independent of its radius. Consider EI as constant. 18200 (3) P.T.O.

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r I I i 5. Draw the influence line diagram for Mo and Mu for the uniform cross-section rigid joint frame shown in Fig. 5. The unit load crosses the frame fiom A to B. ?.5m Fig -5 6. A cable is suspended between two points at the same level with a central dip of l2mover a span of 120 m and carries a uniformly distributed load of intensity 2 kN/m of horizontal length. Calculate the change in horizontal tension if the temperature rises by 2A 0F the from wlm L 7 . Fig -s Using flexibility matrix method find reaction at supports -.t in following beam of Fig.6. Take EI as constant. r 82oo (4) NCEsO4/ECE5O4

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