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Note for Computer System Design - CSD By Raveendra Padala

  • Computer System Design - CSD
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COMPUTER SYSTEM DESIGN System-on-Chip Michael J. Flynn Wayne Luk A JOHN WILEY & SONS, INC., PUBLICATION www.allitebooks.com ffirs02.indd iii 5/4/2011 9:54:46 AM

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CONTENTS Preface xiii List of Abbreviations and Acronyms xvii 1 Introduction to the Systems Approach 1 1.1 1.2 1 System Architecture: An Overview Components of the System: Processors, Memories, and Interconnects 1.3 Hardware and Software: Programmability Versus Performance 1.4 Processor Architectures 1.4.1 Processor: A Functional View 1.4.2 Processor: An Architectural View 1.5 Memory and Addressing 1.5.1 SOC Memory Examples 1.5.2 Addressing: The Architecture of Memory 1.5.3 Memory for SOC Operating System 1.6 System-Level Interconnection 1.6.1 Bus-Based Approach 1.6.2 Network-on-Chip Approach 1.7 An Approach for SOC Design 1.7.1 Requirements and Specifications 1.7.2 Design Iteration 1.8 System Architecture and Complexity 1.9 Product Economics and Implications for SOC 1.9.1 Factors Affecting Product Costs 1.9.2 Modeling Product Economics and Technology Complexity: The Lesson for SOC 1.10 Dealing with Design Complexity 1.10.1 Buying IP 1.10.2 Reconfiguration 1.11 Conclusions 1.12 Problem Set 2 5 7 8 9 19 20 21 22 24 24 25 26 26 27 29 31 31 33 34 34 35 37 38 v www.allitebooks.com ftoc.indd v 5/4/2011 9:54:47 AM

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