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Note for Non Traditional Machining - NTM By Devananda Achari

  • Non Traditional Machining - NTM
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Outline Evolution of Non-Traditional Machining Classification of Advanced Machinig Processes Mechanical Machining Electro-Thermal Machining Laser Beam Machining

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So Far

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Limitations of Conventional Machining Methods I Increased workpiece hardness : decreased economic cutting speed. Hence, lower productivity. I Rapid improvements in the properties of materials (hardness, strength, etc) I Requires much superior quality of tool materials. I Tool material hardness should be greater than workpiece hardness.

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Evolution of Advanced Machining Processes(AMPs) I Many Engineering materials are having much superior properties such as ultra high strength , hardness, very high temperature resistance difficult to machine by convenventional machining methods. Ex :Tungsten Carbide, Stainless Steel, Titanium and its alloys etc I If work piece material hardness is greater than the tool material hardness. How are we going to machine such a work piece material ?

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