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Downloaded From : www.EasyEngineering.net ww w.E asyUnit I Basics ofEMechanisms ngi nee rin g.n et PIT Downloaded From : www.EasyEngineering.net

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Downloaded From : www.EasyEngineering.net SYLLABUS: ww Classification of mechanism - Basic kinematic concepts and definitions w.E - degree of freedom, Mobility - Kutzbach criterion, Gruebler’s asy En gin criterion - Grashof’s Law-Kinematic inversions of four bar chain and slider crank chains – Limit positions - Mechanical advantage - eer ing Transmission angle -Description of some common mechanisms - Quick .ne t return mechanisms, Straight line generators, Universal joint - Rocker mechanisms PIT Downloaded From : www.EasyEngineering.net

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Downloaded From : www.EasyEngineering.net Mechanism: A Mechanism is a combination of number of bodies (usually rigid bodies) are assembled in such a way that the motion of one causes constrained and predictable motion to the others. ww w.E A mechanism transmits and modifies a motion. Machine: asy En gin A Machine is a mechanism or combination of mechanisms imparting definite motions to the parts. Also, it transmits and modifies the available mechanical energy into desired (or useful) work. Rigid and Resistance bodies: eer ing .ne t Rigid body: A rigid body does not suffer any distortion (or the distance between any two points on it remains constant) under the action of force. Resistance body or semi-rigid body: A Resistant body or semi-rigid body are normally flexible under the action of force PIT Downloaded From : www.EasyEngineering.net

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Downloaded From : www.EasyEngineering.net Link: •A resistant body or a group of resistant bodies with rigid connections preventing their relative movement is known as a link. ww •A link may also be defined as a member or a combination of members of a mechanism, connecting other members and having motion relative to them. Thus, a link may consist of one or more resistant bodies. w.E asy •A link is also known as kinematic link or element. En gin •Links can be classified into binary, ternary, quaternary, etc. Depending upon their ends on which revolute or turning pairs can be placed. Binary link Ternary link PIT eer ing .ne t Quaternary link Downloaded From : www.EasyEngineering.net

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