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Note for Antennas and Microwave Engineering - AME By venkatesh M

  • Antennas and Microwave Engineering - AME
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2018 SAI VIDYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Venkatesha M, Senior Research Fellow, & Dr Narayan .K., Dean (R&D) Department of ECE MICROWAVE & ANTENNAS (15EC71) VII SEMESTER ECE MODULE-5: ANTENNA TYPES, HORN ANTENNA & LOOP ANTENNA MODULE 5: SYLLABUS Antenna Types: Helical Antenna, Helical Geometry, Practical Design Considerations of Helical Antenna, Yagi-Uda array, Parabola General Properties, Log Periodic Antenna. Horn Antenna and Loop: Horn antennas: Rectangular Horn Antennas. Small loop Introduction, Radiation Resistance of Loops, Far field Patterns of Circular Loop Antenna with Uniform Current, Comparison of Far fields of Small Loop and Short Dipole, Directivity of Circular Loop Antennas with Uniform Current (Numerical Analysis) BT Levels : L1, L2, L3

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odul< M A/r_r_ 5 {b> !\ \- _ Ai_ Typex - , -__*hrlkhyr* &v-C-\- $$'*'fl, 5. I . t-{e\? C,.} -4,.8,r^^ , r\.\_\_ l\A!\_/\,w_ b r+ i4 Go anh,,rnp. Fn t?S"* th. shape + ,t_)Z N * TLlnla +4Il'tr He);21 Glr,/ ca ble l+:- Ti r, I -t \€-> 5 I A I =. NS |ily *.h* -+1 , \- fhe Hel?a"l drrEn,ru" \g Ehon:n to #g.l '.b r+ C.ryl isli + 'N *ur 4g , c,loaT ; E Ax,& b lEe SPot)oq- btlruern crdJqcsrnf -*ur,,"r,g h",tE',,-, L2 -tE e .,4 xio.l Le ry tb + Heh c^l o^&_n n .. i g . -47;^\ {"1g B + L2 D = dio nnp]€ r Modes fr*,':-r^r HelT o.l + .+ He-l rx upcro.Fisrl o"^ $' :- Fl. P"X"J ;U lV\-J1.-..-\*n =A-rrh S rr^^ eaa\ be- ep I * J;".,g',. * 'n*hr) hn *-ru c, Y^n"RnJl^hor "l '- | fe ot ,,.F opera*io ru {on} Ax iqJ r,r.lu 8pe ned{er1 --1 {o) }lloynnc<l .nn")" epeo-aH Page 1 eze

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{t\) AXio.l nrod" /\\-a:-.a' t+ - e]zerr+iCI/l'., r'-\'\^ A*'r-tr-\ Jo Axi^l mo.ie S 'u fr. + Dirretfren S39'is + J1t epcT-*$i'661 tsl^xi.ff\unn ')""'[i "$t"".l \i x "{ ws 6hou^:n Te*4""4 \c' #Z'z' 0" >*f"r1 Axiq ffi,^ ,+-- A=N g u"ql;"e$_,nirnJ p3d . ,p.""h'o, T{ieg^f -L'J-, AJ1! I-...-- ', E^$}J.f ^-/^\-! .* ?nx;jb-t_,*f,*) L> -.fhi.B, te ^o"lu $ F nrJ - -|_-, .t oli*uh.o, cppa-ethun ' ta -t6-€ + 're--LrLr hu--\,1 i .,,1r* Colleo] s0 a^"1 io.f,'oo ir, * ^nje Vl^x;r{nu,') $ fulic^l o^[-f,^n* l, ig cjrer-*,.J.' l-rcJ Cr. J i *r crq h . a c l"r w oJ a^h"4\r\irt i.5 F6_de* I3e C<r o I*n u& g ffu tfr". ot 4 xi*l r'lo.\* t)es,E-n C eo,')l lorr Axi..} L'g1E =+ ).ia t- Ach;er,ne Ari.rj ,nrn.,{." bf" Dirpcl-r\^Eqg,, f-pal,.J, cr.rrbnv.ur .{ "F u . & ryl 4x i,.} Le "gtt -) THe HpgX $ ro*J HtruJ BNtrN +- eurts,lne,^ 15 5^z I A3 C\N5 = |t_', a - Page 2 Ax;ctl r:n A= xl5 . n&. r*^ V t ol-,:.o.)

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4 e^rl "F r+ell c".l It BNrnt n Qit{q?xt,ro* t(, fIA\-? 5 \N5 l--: C- {+ The Dine cFT vi U , D' i6 fl^<^ ' Lg @ *1^*r'Djrt"-h\rn< 6"x' l5Nsce- vl^x rI 'L) A x; (^la-x1 ro.h. e L) TEe -*."rnir.orJ (}r=A;9l-anu (L \:# b> Nonnrod l'\z\^-,\-,\*/\:- L; frn ( e *oden-f-L^' + opens.Fionia-t--'^.--'^---o Nor.n4_) 'node + JFe DTx tfi o,n "$ C u lor'rr -[E' -ffie /^\_^--! .\/\-^/-Y + Lu| U-l !*xi er.x ia \/ ,\,\/ O FreLh'o,fl rourn t*di. h'crt + v ia '- p<t1"..d; D tf) o" Ayi t Hd,, P;g " 3 Nur rnp.o *n& 6l +lell l, C^t ;f,, [^",, r-roiolin ope rc,,.[-ior-1 rli.r*J 'o^n"l;ofi?n- r,ill-lt l.:-\ dr.lcr-,nl @ Thi6 n n - at o*t&i L"> t* -utlu + uP. *.h rrn i4 c"^l rJ B re..Jra,..L ^h,. n ro.l.q ' th epe t .h,6) , Be 6tunr€ tFo J,reu-itu - ','" "''' ,,, ' Ya*U.*i.' ro febpe,-.,Jic..l.rro t" fi. *ria + H.L^ * {-'16 ( }rlos} qqlt"rty =.ggl "rnode ufj.h,on X;$g!g.&"" Page 3 + t

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