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Note for Antennas and Microwave Engineering - AME By venkatesh M

  • Antennas and Microwave Engineering - AME
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Text from page-2

odul< M A/r_r_ 5 {b> !\ \- _ Ai_ Typex - , -__*hrlkhyr* &v-C-\- $$'*'fl, 5. I . t-{e\? C,.} -4,.8,r^^ , r\.\_\_ l\A!\_/\,w_ b r+ i4 Go anh,,rnp. Fn t?S"* th. shape + ,t_)Z N * TLlnla +4Il'tr He);21 Glr,/ ca ble l+:- Ti r, I -t \€-> 5 I A I =. NS |ily *.h* -+1 , \- fhe Hel?a"l drrEn,ru" \g Ehon:n to #g.l '.b r+ C.ryl isli + 'N *ur 4g , c,loaT ; E Ax,& b lEe SPot)oq- btlruern crdJqcsrnf -*ur,,"r,g h",tE',,-, L2 -tE e .,4 xio.l Le ry tb + Heh c^l o^&_n n .. i g . -47;^\ {"1g B + L2 D = dio nnp]€ r Modes fr*,':-r^r HelT o.l + .+ He-l rx upcro.Fisrl o"^ $' :- Fl. P"X"J ;U lV\-J1.-..-\*n =A-rrh S rr^^ eaa\ be- ep I * J;".,g',. * 'n*hr) hn *-ru c, Y^n"RnJl^hor "l '- | fe ot ,,.F opera*io ru {on} Ax iqJ r,r.lu 8pe ned{er1 --1 {o) }lloynnc<l .nn")" epeo-aH Page 1 eze

Text from page-3

{t\) AXio.l nrod" /\\-a:-.a' t+ - e]zerr+iCI/l'., r'-\'\^ A*'r-tr-\ Jo Axi^l mo.ie S 'u fr. + Dirretfren S39'is + J1t epcT-*$i'661 tsl^xi.ff\unn ')""'[i "$t"".l \i x "{ ws 6hou^:n Te*4""4 \c' #Z'z' 0" >*f"r1 Axiq ffi,^ ,+-- A=N g u"ql;"e$_,nirnJ p3d . ,p.""h'o, T{ieg^f -L'J-, AJ1! I-...-- ', E^$}J.f ^-/^\-! .* ?nx;jb-t_,*f,*) L> -.fhi.B, te ^o"lu $ F nrJ - -|_-, .t oli*uh.o, cppa-ethun ' ta -t6-€ + 're--LrLr hu--\,1 i .,,1r* Colleo] s0 a^"1 io.f,'oo ir, * ^nje Vl^x;r{nu,') $ fulic^l o^[-f,^n* l, ig cjrer-*,.J.' l-rcJ Cr. J i *r crq h . a c l"r w oJ a^h"4\r\irt i.5 F6_de* I3e C<r o I*n u& g ffu tfr". ot 4 xi*l r'lo.\* t)es,E-n C eo,')l lorr Axi..} L'g1E =+ ).ia t- Ach;er,ne Ari.rj ,nrn.,{." bf" Dirpcl-r\^Eqg,, f-pal,.J, cr.rrbnv.ur .{ "F u . & ryl 4x i,.} Le "gtt -) THe HpgX $ ro*J HtruJ BNtrN +- eurts,lne,^ 15 5^z I A3 C\N5 = |t_', a - Page 2 Ax;ctl r:n A= xl5 . n&. r*^ V t ol-,:.o.)

Text from page-4

4 e^rl "F r+ell c".l It BNrnt n Qit{q?xt,ro* t(, fIA\-? 5 \N5 l--: C- {+ The Dine cFT vi U , D' i6 fl^<^ ' Lg @ *1^*r'Djrt"-h\rn< 6"x' l5Nsce- vl^x rI 'L) A x; (^la-x1 ro.h. e L) TEe -*."rnir.orJ (}r=A;9l-anu (L \:# b> Nonnrod l'\z\^-,\-,\*/\:- L; frn ( e *oden-f-L^' + opens.Fionia-t--'^.--'^---o Nor.n4_) 'node + JFe DTx tfi o,n "$ C u lor'rr -[E' -ffie /^\_^--! .\/\-^/-Y + Lu| U-l !*xi er.x ia \/ ,\,\/ O FreLh'o,fl rourn t*di. h'crt + v ia '- p<t1"..d; D tf) o" Ayi t Hd,, P;g " 3 Nur rnp.o *n& 6l +lell l, C^t ;f,, [^",, r-roiolin ope rc,,.[-ior-1 rli.r*J 'o^n"l;ofi?n- r,ill-lt l.:-\ dr.lcr-,nl @ Thi6 n n - at o*t&i L"> t* -utlu + uP. *.h rrn i4 c"^l rJ B re..Jra,..L ^h,. n ro.l.q ' th epe t .h,6) , Be 6tunr€ tFo J,reu-itu - ','" "''' ,,, ' Ya*U.*i.' ro febpe,-.,Jic..l.rro t" fi. *ria + H.L^ * {-'16 ( }rlos} qqlt"rty =.ggl "rnode ufj.h,on X;$g!g.&"" Page 3 + t

Text from page-5

z; ' l" Ll{a3^ I )^AiL^L t+ 6**^ l^ ,-.fr "fut, ,l*I, qa7**u^6.g ?rrr.r.}xcx "+ ).,,ilJc"l- witt,n n tLt rrt^tl-{df e* t Xa,***.1- + eA*4p{!t a."t- ,i4D 6- affJ:tfrLar^r a-r,t^ol_ A:6JS:.=,_* b -rx"y Ff-? C0-tI4 tut reS/.,'Wg^ = td""t^q bctuer-u * Vx,j'l^h{.irl^Xvy t N = A[.u,r,ubr, oJ fuN^,l^t b ' }Yor^,uhl .+ ti-c-ril^!-"1, flrLt ^ S C S-p . Livuw+$uA^x^e- I '-* ,rrf I,* trff- t+ t .-o \ L -G',E'L /fTX4_ furr^^ u*ru '+ U-.t^u.'!*A- g-u-e-. fob"^^ -tl^"" ilAL {-l {!"cu, a-z';"Am ,l pitt{ l,^..Ail^ b-""y &r or o - o -ryr^t , )^il-iL*i' JI .luli r _ \"y+u.p.*tp- fd\,d, 4-L * /vl'-Pto^ f L. D a'jifuil'4^e & "a , flf^&r^tI *ntm' eWL J,\iltn.t;,i- l"r r. *ry* Page 4 C:rr ,t.,^ !,n-t-h

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