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Note for Antennas and Microwave Engineering - AME By venkatesh M

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Venkatesh M
Venkatesh M
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2018 SAI VIDYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Venkatesha M, SRF, Department of ECE MICROWAVE & ANTENNAS (15EC71) VII SEMESTER ECE MODULE-3: ANTENNA BASICS NOTES MODULE 3 SYLLABUS Antenna Basics: Introduction, Basic Antenna Parameters, Patterns, Beam Area, Radiation Intensity, Beam Efficiency, Directivity and Gain, Antenna Apertures, Effective Height, Bandwidth, Radio Communication Link, Antenna Field Zones & Polarization. Prescribed Text Book: Antennas and Wave Propagation, John D. Krauss, Ronald J Marhefka and Ahmad S Khan,4th Special Indian Edition , McGraw- Hill Education Pvt. Ltd.,2010. Chapter: 2.1- 2.11, 2.13,2.15 BT Levels: L1, L2, L3

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Text from page-3

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Text from page-4

c> Td*?, #ha ou1-r;,lrura A d-, €4^J- Wwhr"t c E] p-> o C !,*T i--f S*o-U t$+f .:\ .5/ *pxf-rtt-w ^ ._{ S"Tt.lj-- u/ t1^*f oL"C c) +> DriJt - l^r\^ t"+Me I, *.,a[l^fc h> c^I tt arAl,o^^J'la *r"S"a J.i.'.."tr* oJ *t- hn"Lo'tt o-1 P"{l'.,$ ) .Oi rer+' % S uJorcimunr Rsdio\r:iht W SJJ" + I.e{,rr, Vuf J&ut lero otvfu-r1^-* -3-

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