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Note for Java Programming - JAVA By Anantharaj Manoj

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Comments • Comments are description about the features of a program. • Means whatever we write in a program should be described using comments. • Thus readability and understandability of a program will be more. • There are 3 types of comments in java.

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Comments // This is my comment of one line. /* This is a multi line comment. This is line one This is line two of the comment.*/ /** description about a class*/ Class code /** description about a method */ Method code

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Comments • API Document: – The API document is generated from the .java program is similar to a help file where all the features are available with their descriptions. – To create an API document, we should use a special compiler called javadoc compiler.

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Starting a Java Program • Before we start writing our first Java program, let us see how a Java Program looks like. /* this is my first Java program. To display a message. Author: Manoj Subject Name: OOPS with Java Subject code: 203 */ import java.lang.System; import java.lang.String; //either the above two statements or below one is enough //import java.lang.*; Class First { Public static void main(String []args) { System.out.print(“Welcome to Java”); } }

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