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IBM Cloud Academy Overview

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IBM Cloud Academy Overview Mary Olson mnolson@us.ibm.com 914-766-7565 © 2010 IBM Corporation

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Agenda  Education for a Smarter Planet  Cloud Computing Enabling Transformation  IBM Cloud Academy © 2010 IBM Corporation

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Education for a Smarter Planet © 2010 IBM Corporation

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Forces Impacting Today’s Educational Institutions 40% increase 15PB every day 15 petabytes of data are created every day in the world – 8 times the volume in all U.S. libraries. 40% increase in public spending per student in K-12 schools over the last decade in developed countries 30% loss 10M teachers Over 30% of students in higher 10.3 million new teachers required education in developed countries leave worldwide to fill the demand for basic without a degree or certificate education 42% unemployed 42% of the 25-64 year-olds with less than an upper secondary qualification are not employed Improving Outcomes Source: Education at a Glance 2009. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development 53% increase 53% growth in higher education enrolment in the past decade 2.5x increase 2.5 increase in the number of students expected to enroll in higher education outside their home countries by 2020 Finding More Efficiencies 70¢ of every $1 70% on average is spent on maintaining current IT versus adding new capabilities. 85% idle In distributed computing environments, up to 85% of computing capacity sits idle. Managing Data and IT Resources © 2010 IBM Corporation

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