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AWS Simple Icons

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AWS Simple Icons v2.3 May 18 cluster Check to make sure you have the most recent set of AWS Simple Icons Try to use direct lines (rather than ‘criss-cross’), use adequate whitespace, and remember to label all icons. This version was last updated 12/8/2014 (v2.3) Find the most recent set at: aws.amazon.com/architecture/icons/ Always use icon labels Product icons Be sure to always include a label below the icon or on the group in Arial. The only exception is in complex diagrams; you have the option to create a key. The first icon in most service sets is a product icon. This should be used to represent the service on a more general level when you will not be going into as much depth. Non-AWS technology traditional server Creating diagrams Any server or other non-AWS technology in an architecture diagram should be represented with they grey server (see Slide 8). AWS Simple Icons: Usage Guidelines Amazon EC2

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Compute & Networking Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Amazon EC2 instance instances AMI DB on instance instance with CloudWatch Elastic IP optimized instance Amazon Lambda new! Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Amazon VPC router Internet gateway customer gateway AWS Simple Icons: Compute & Networking virtual private gateway VPN connection VPC peering

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Compute & Networking Amazon Route 53 Amazon Route 53 hosted zone Elastic Load Balancing route table AWS Direct Connect AWS Direct Connect AWS Simple Icons: Compute & Networking Elastic Load Balancing

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Compute & Networking Auto Scaling Auto Scaling Elastic Network Instance elastic network instance AWS Simple Icons: Compute & Networking

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