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Note for Transportation Engineering 1 - TE1 by Laxmikanta Nayak

  • Transportation Engineering 1 - TE1
  • Note
  • Biju Patnaik University of Technology BPUT - BPUT
  • Civil Engineering
  • B.Tech
  • 12 Topics
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Laxmikanta Nayak
Laxmikanta Nayak
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MODES OF TRANSPORTATION • Basic mode of transportation are Land • Roadway • railway Water Air

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MODES OF TRANSPORTATION • Highways Car, Bus, Truck, non- motorized ..etc • Railways Passenger and Goods • Airways Aircraft and Helicopters • Waterways Ships, boats… • Continuous Flow systems Pipelines,belts,elevetor,ropeway…etc. • Merits and Demerits: Based on accessibility, mobility, cost, tonnage..

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Airways • • • • Fastest among all other modes More comfortable Time saving Uneconomical Waterways • slowest among all other modes • It needs minimum energy to haul unit load through unit distance. • This can be possible between ports on the sea routes or along the river • economical

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Railways • The transportation along the railways track could be advantageous by railways between the stations both for the passengers and goods, particularly for long distance. • It depends upon the road transport i.e. road could serve as a feeder system. • Energy require to haul a unit load through unit distance by the railway is only ¼ to 1/5 of that required by road. • Safety

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