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Note for Basic Electrical And Electronics Engineering - BEEE by Gyaani Of failures

  • Basic Electrical And Electronics Engineering - BEEE
  • Note
  • Baba Farid College Of Engineering And Technology - BFCET
  • Uploaded 4 months ago
Gyaani Of Failures
Gyaani Of Failures
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   Voltages of ac sources alternate in polarity and vary in magnitude Voltages produce currents that vary in magnitude and alternate in direction Alternating current is the current which constantly changes in amplitude, and which reverses direction at regular intervals.

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   A sinusoidal ac waveform starts at zero ◦ Increases to a positive maximum ◦ Decreases to zero ◦ Changes polarity ◦ Increases to a negative maximum ◦ Returns to zero Variation is called a cycle Because the changes are so regular, alternating voltage and current have a number of properties associated with any such waveform.

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