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Note for Metal Cutting and Tool Design - MCTD by SUDARSAN TUDU

  • Metal Cutting and Tool Design - MCTD
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INTRODUCTION TO MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING LM-01 • Manufacturing Engineering Study of various processes required to produce parts and to assemble them into machines and mechanisms. • Classifications of Manufacturing Processes 1. Primary manufacturing processes: Provide basic shape and size to the material as per designer’s requirement. Eg: Casting, forming, powder metallurgy. 2. Secondary manufacturing processes: Provide the final shape and size with tighter control on dimension, surface characteristics. Eg: Material removal processes

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• Material removal processes: 1. Conventional Machining Processes: EgTurning, boring, milling, shaping, broaching, slotting, grinding etc. 2. Non-Traditional Machining Processes: EgAJM, USM, WJM, AWJM, EDM, CHM etc.

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Machine Tool • A machine tool is a power driven machine for making parts and components of given shape, size and accuracy by removing metal from work piece in the form of chips. • Most machine tool performs the following jobs: – – – – Holds the job Holds the cutting tool Move one or both of these Provide feeding motion to one of these

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