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Previous Year Exam Questions for Communicative English - CE of 2018 - BPUT by Bput Toppers

  • Communicative English - CE
  • 2018
  • PYQ
  • Biju Patnaik University of Technology Rourkela Odisha - BPUT
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • B.Tech
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Registration No : Total Number of Pages : 02 B.Tech RCE1E001 1st Semester Regular Examination 2018-19 COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH BRANCH : AEIE, AERO, AUTO, BIOMED, BIOTECH, CHEM, CIVIL, CSE, ECE, EEE, EIE, ELECTRICAL, ENV, ETC, FASHION, FAT, IEE, IT, ITE, MANUFAC, MANUTECH, MARINE, MECH, METTA, METTAMIN, MINERAL, MINING, MME, PE, PLASTIC, PT, TEXTILE Time : 3 Hours Max Marks : 100 Q.CODE : E911 Answer Question No.1 (Part-1) which is compulsory, any EIGHT from Part-II and any TWO from Part-III. The figures in the right hand margin indicate marks. Part- I Short Answer Type Questions (Answer All-10) Q1 a) (2 x 10) Derogatory, Oriental, [make syllable division and identify the stressed syllable] b) What is the relevance of team while working in an organization? c) What is meant by ‘weak form’ in a sentence? d) Immaturity at an adolescent age is a common phenomena [ make it bias free] e) f) æ, au [ write a word for each sound unit ] What is an executive summary? g) How many types of reports are there? h) Raju runs to work every day. [Identify the type of verb in the sentence.] i) The influence of tone and tenor of vernacular in articulation is otherwise called as___ problem j) There is an exception ____ every rule.[ in, for, to] Part- II Focused-Short Answer Type Questions- (Answer Any Eight out of Twelve) Q2 a) Distinguish between - listening for Comprehension and Critical listening b) What are the roles of chronemics and haptics in nonverbal communication? c) Justify how Context and content are interdependent d) Make phonemic transcription the following words: where, Scheme, zebra, stooge, float, Church, e) Between feedback and feed forward which one you value most and why? f) Differentiate between a chronological and functional CV. g) What are the attributes of a good leader discuss in brief. h) What are the advantages and drawbacks of written communication? i) j) k) l) Write a letter to the HR manager of HCL Technologies, Bangalore regarding the prospects of placement for your college students in their company. What are the prior preparations needed for any business presentation? prepare a short speech to deliver before rural people on the necessity of sanitation Apart from the skills to use dictionary what other skill can you adopt to build up your vocabulary? Highlight in brief. (6 x 8)

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Part-III Long Answer Type Questions (Answer Any Two out of Four) Q3 The rising influence of the Internet and new media have completely changed the perspective of Communication; highlight different dimensions of communication in social change in recent times (16) Q4 Assume that you’re the senior manager of a multinational I.T company. Your company is planning to start a new development centre in Bhubaneswar. Prepare a business proposal for the said purpose. (16) Q5 How many types of interviews are there? What do you understand by an interview file? Explain the need of preparing well before the interview. (16) Q6 Why do you think that soft skills do play an important role in professional life? Elaborate. (16)

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