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Note for Composite Materials - CM by Getachew Biressaw

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JIMMA UNIVERSITY Institute of Technology Faculty of Materials Science &Engineering Composite materials Matrix By Getachew Mengesha

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Role of matrix in composite • Matrix is the continuous phase of a composite material. The matrix performs various functions. ✓ The matrix material holds the fibers together. ✓ The matrix plays an important role to keep the fibers at desired positions. The desired distribution of the fibers is very important from micromechanical point of view. ✓ The matrix keeps the fibers separate from each other so that the mechanical degradation (e.g., by abrasion) between them does not occur. ✓ It transfers the load uniformly between fibers

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• The processing and defects in a composite material depend strongly on the processing characteristic s of the matrix. • The matrix provides lateral support against the possibility of fiber buckling under compressive loading • It provides protection to fibers from environmental effects, chemical and moisture. • It provides better finish to the final product. • A ductile matrix will provide slowing down or stopping cracks that might have originated at broken fibers.

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Classification of Matrix Materials • Matrix can be broadly classified into • Polymer matrix composites • Metal matrix composites • Ceramic matrix composites

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