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BCA 2017-18 Bilaspur University Bilaspur Questions paper

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*AF-3115* AF-3115 BCA (Part - III) Term End Examination, 2017-18 FOUNDATION COURSE Paper - II English Language Time : Three Hours] [Maximum Marks : 75 [Minimum Pass Marks : 26 Note : Answer all questions. The figures in the righthand margin indicate marks. Answer all parts of a question at one place Unit-I 1. Answer any three of the following questions in about 150 words each : 5×3 (a) Writing the summary, list all the antithetical statements occuring in the poem ‘Three Years She Grew’. (b) Cosidering yourself as the clerk rewrite the story of ‘Death of a Clerk’ from your own side. 51_BSP_(8) (Turn Over)

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(2) (c) Why could the shepherd-boy sit on the judgement seat of Vikramaditya and not the king? Describe the boy’s conduct when he was seated on the mound ? (d) Bores are mostly happy says Lucas; yet they do not spread happiness. Why ? (e) How has communication revolutionized the world ? education Unit-II 2. Write an essay on any one of the following topics in about 300 words : 10 (a) Importance of cows in India (b) Democratic decentralization (c) Computer education (d) Water pollution Unit-III 3. Write a precis of the following passage and suggest a suitable title : 10 Now a days with latest technolgy for publishing books, there is an abundance of books. This increasing and confusing abundance of books, makes it important for the people, to know how to choose properly and judiciously, otherwise they will have to spend much time in the mere perusal of the desired kind of book. On this subject the first 51_BSP_(8) (Continued)

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(3) advice I venture to submit is to secure and to read only the best out of the available books. There are plenty of them, for more than you will ever find time to read. And, when a wide range of excellent works is so readily obtainable, it is surely unfortunate to waste valuable minutes on any others. A question might arise in your mind. and you might ask a question what I mean by best books. The answer is, those books that has been published in many great languages of the world and which come from the world of classics. By this I mean, that those books are the best from which we receive the most, and can carry away most of it in the form of either knowledge or stimulation. Unit-IV 4. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given that follows it : (a) Life does not mean simply existing or breathing. It is the quality of life which is of consequence and not the number of years lived. In this lies the main difference between the life of a man and that of animals. Man has to bother for his spiritual and moral side. A man would prefer death with honour, than a life without it. A Lily flower blooms in the morning and fades away in the evening. But it gives us fragrance and sweetness. 51_BSP_(8) (Turn Over)

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(4) If a man is mean, wicked and vicious, we do not give him any credit for his years. Guru Govind Singh’s sons were bricked alive in their childhood for the steadfastness of their religious beliefs. They showed us how a man should stand in free troubles and tortures. 5 Questions : (i) In life what is of more importance, quality or number of years lived ? (ii) What has the man to bother for ? (iii) What is left after the Lily flower fades away ? (iv) Guru Govind Singh’s sons showed us what ? (v) Give a suitable title to the above passage. [Vocabulary] (b) Give Antonyms of any five of the following words : 5 Guilty, Precious, Timid, Ancient, Just, Last, Sorrow. (c) Put appropriate prefixes in each space in the phrases given below to make a word that follows it opposite in meaning (any five) : 5 (i) an ..... comfortable chair. (ii) to ..... approve of someone. 51_BSP_(8) (Continued)

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