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Previous Year Exam Questions of Professional Ethics and Human Values of IKGPTU - PEHV by Ravichandran Rao

  • Professional Ethics and Human Values - PEHV
  • 2017
  • PYQ
  • I K G Punjab Technical University - IKGPTU
  • Automobile Engineering
  • B.Tech
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Roll No. Total No. of Questions: 11 Total No. of Pages: 05 B.Arch./MBA/MBA(IB)/BBA/BCA/B.COM/BScFT/BSc(HMCT)/BTECH/BRDM/BSc.In catering and culinary art/BSc Business Economics(BBE)/Bachelor in service industry management(SIM)/BSc(MLS) (Sem. 1) Human Values and Professional Ethics Subject Code: HVPE-101 Paper ID: A1105 Time: 3 Hrs. Max. Marks: 60 INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES: 1. 2. 3. 4. This question paper contains three sections. Section-a contains objective type quesions.(10x1) Section-b contains short answer type quetion (5x4) Section-c contains descriptive answer type questions. (5x6) 5. Attempt all questions. Gkr U Hkkx v Section A (10 x 1) fJ; Gkr ftu 10 t;s[ s/ nXkfos gqÙB jB. ;ko/ gqÙBK d/ T[Zso d/Dk bkiwh j?. bl Hkkx esa 10 oLrqfu"B iz'u gSa A lHkh iz'uksa dk mRrj nsuk vfuok;Z gSA This section contains 10 objective type questions. Attempt all questions gqÙB 1(T) ykbh ;EkB Go' a. iz'u&1 v fjDr LFkku Hkjs% Q1.a. Fill up the blanks: fe;/ ;[ftXk dh tos'A dk T[d/Ù iK sK Ùoho dk HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH iK ;[Zofynk iK Ùoho dk ;dT[g:'r j?. fdlh lqfo/k dks mi;ksx djus dk iz;kstu ;k rks 'kjhj dk --------------------------------- ;k laj{k.k ;k 'kjhj dk lgh mi;ksx gSA The purpose of using any physical facility is either for the ....................or protection or right utilization of the body. b. wB[Zy dhnK w[YbhnK (w{b) fJSktK fBozso ;[y ns/ HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH jB. fujarj lq[k ,oa --------------------------------------- ekuo dh ekSfyd pkguk gSA The basic aspiration of a human being is continuous happiness and ................ c. Ùoho ftu e/tb HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHdhnK fefonktK s/ T[BQK dh g{osh j[zdh j?. 'kjhj dh fØ;k,a dsoy ------------------------------vkSj fuokZg djuk gh gksrh gSA (M10049) (Page 1 of 5)

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The Body has the activities of ........... and fulfillment only. d. nfXe, xZN ns/ tZyoh soQK w[bKeDHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH dhnK tZy-tZy fe;wK jB. vf/ewY;u] voewY;u] vewY;u------------------------------------------ ds vyx vyx rjhds gSA Over, under-and otherwise-evaluation are different forms of ................. e. HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH dk noE ;kfonk Bkb ;zpzfXs j'D dk nfj;k; j?. ------------------------------------------ dk eryc gS lHkh ds lkFk laca/ dk Hkko gksuk A ----------------- means the feeling of being related to all. gqÙB 1(n) ;jh rbs Go' a. iz'u&1 c lgh@xyr Hkjs Q1.b. Write True/False: ;[ftXktK dh tos'A iK d[otos' dh u'D “w?A” eodk j? ns/ ;oho fJ; w[skfpe ekoi eodk j?. ^^eSa** p;u djrk gS fd lqfo/kvksa dk mi;ksx djuk gS ;k nq:i;ksx djuk gS] vkSj 'kjhj flQZ blds vuqlkj dk;Zjr gksrk gSA Self chooses to use or misuse physical facilities and body works accordingly. b. jfEnkoK dk fJZesoheoB ;wki ftu fBoG?nsk :ehBh pDkT[D dk fpjso sohek j?. 'kL=kksadk laxzg djuk] lekt esa ^vHk;* ykus dk lcls vPNK jkLrk gSA Amassing weapons is the best way to ensure feariessness in society. c. ;oho ns/ ;t? (w?A) dhnK b'VK ;wkfje j?. eSa (Lo;a) vkSj 'kjhj nksuksa dh t:jrsa lkef;d gSaA The needs of the Self and the Body, both are temporary. d. fBÙfus wkBth nkuoD e/tb ;jh ;wM okjhA jh ;zGt j?. lgh le> ls gh ekuoh; vkpj.k esa fuf'prrk vkus dh lEHkkouk gSA Definitiveness of human conduct is possible only through right understanding. e. gqfeosh fJekfJnK dk ;w{j j?. izd`fr] bdkb;ksa dk lewg gSA The nature is collection of units. Gkr n Hkkx &c Section B (5 x 4) fJ; Gkr ftu 5 gqÙB jB. ;ko/ gqÙBK dk T[Zso d/Dk bkiwh j?. bl Hkkx esa ikap iz'u gSA lHkh iz'uksa dk mRrj nsuk vfuok;Z gSA There are Five questions in this section. Attempt All questions. (M10049) (Page 2 of 5)

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Q2. Ùoho dhnK fefonktK w?A dhnK fefonktK s'A fet/A fGzB jB< fJe T[dkjoD d/ e/ ;gÙN eo'. 'kjhj dh fØ;kvksa vkSj ^eSa* dh fØ;kvksa ds varj dks le>k,a A ,d mnkgj.k dk Hkh iz;ksx djsA Explain how the activities of the Body are different from those of the self with the help of an example. Q3. ;ziw ns/ f;js pko/ dZ;'. fJjBK d'tK ftZu'A w{b eh j?< ;ziw d/ gq'rokw dh ft;Eko Bkb ftnkfynk eo'. la;e vkSj LokLF; dk D;k vFkZ gS\ nksuksa esa ls ekSfyd D;k gS\la;e ds dk;ZØe ds ckjs esa foLrkj ls fy[ksaA Explain the meaning of Sanyam and Swasthya. Which is more basic between the two. Elaborate briefly on the programs of Sanyam. Q4. nktsBÙhbsk (uZeoh eqw) s'A eh Gkt j?< T[sgkdB rshftXhnK T[go fJj fet/A bkr{ j[zdh j?< ^vkorZu'khyrk* dk D;k vFkZ gS\ ;g mRiknu xfrfof/;ksa ij dSls ykxw gksrk gS\ What do you mean by recyclability? How is it applicable to production Q5. activities? edoK ehwsK dh f;Zfynk bJh p[fBnkdh fdÙk-fBod/ÙK d/ ekoD ;fjs ftnkfynk eo'. ewY; f'k{kk ds fy, cqfu;knh fn'kk&funsZ'k D;k gS\ dkj.k lfgr mRrj nhft;sA Explain the basic guidelines for value education with reasoning. Q6. feqZsrsk (Ù[eor[ikosk) s'A eh Gkt j?< nkgd/ ihtB ftu go;go ;zpzXK d/ nXko s/ T[dkjoD d/ e/ ;gÙN eo'. d`rKrk dk D;k vFkZ gS\ vius thou esa ijLij laca/ksa dks ns[krs gq, ,d mnkgj.k nhft,A What is meant by gratitude? Express an example from your life in your mutual relationships. Gkr J Hkkx & l Section C (5 x 6) fJ; Gkr ftu 5 gqÙB jB. ;ko/ gqÙBK dk T[Zso d/Dk bkiwh j?. bl Hkkx esa ikap iz'u gSA lHkh iz'u vfuok;Z gSA There are Five questions in this section. Attempt ALL questions. gqÙB 7 j/m fbfynK ftu'A fe;/ fJZe Gkr dk T[Zso fdU iz'u 7- fdlh ,d Hkkx dk mRrj nsaA Q7. Attempt any one part : a. ;[Bi ftu fJekfJnk dh ;zgfoessk pko/ ;ko eo'. eSa (Loa;) vkSj 'kjhj dk lg vfLrRo ds lfgr le>kb;sA (M10049) (Page 3 of 5)

Text from page-4

Explain briefly the submergence of units in space. b. gqfeosh dhnK uko nt;EktK dhnK ftÙ/ÙsktK dh ;zy/g ftnkfynk eo'. izd`fr esa pkj voLFkk ds LoHkko dks la{ksi esa le>kb,A Briefly explain the natural characteristics of the four orders in nature. gqÙB 8 j/m fbfynK ftu'A fe;/ fJZe Gkr dk T[Zso fdU. iz'u 8- fdlh ,d Hkkx dk mRrj nsaA Q8. Attempt any one part : a. ;fji ;thfeqsh s'A eh Gkt j?< ftnkfynk eo'. nkgD/ ihtB ftu'A T[dkjoD d/ e/ ;gÙN eo' fe fJj ;kvhnK g{ot-wkBstK s'A fet/A fBob/g j?< lgt Lohd`fr dk D;k vFkZ gS\ le>kb;s A vkSj viuh ftanxh ls ,d mnkgj.k ysrs gq, ;g Hkh le>kb;s dh ;g dSls gekjh iqjkuh ekU;rkvksa ls izHkkfor ugha gksrh gSA What do you mean by natural acceptance? Explain, Explain how it remains untouched by our past pre-conditionings with the help on an example from your life. b. fusoD, ftÙb/ÙD s/ u'D $nk;tkdB fefonktK dh fJe T[dkjoD ;fjs ftnkfynk eo'. fp=k.k ] fo'ys"k.k vkSj p;u@vkLoknu dh fØ;kvksa dks mnkgj.k ds lkFk le>kb;sA Explain the activities of imaging, Analysing and selecting / Tasting with the help of an example. gqÙB 9 j/m fbfynK ftu'A fe;/ fJZe Gkr dk T[Zso fdU iz'u 9- fdlh ,d Hkx dk mRrj nsaA Q9. Attempt any one part : a. nkgdhnK fe;/ d; fJSktK dh ;{uh pDkT[. fJj fJSktK w?A s/ ;oho Bkb fet/A ;zpzfXs jB< vki viuh dksbZ 10 bPNkvksa dh lwph cukb;sA buesa ls gj ,d bPNk fdl rjg ls eSa (Lo;a) ls tqMh gqbZ gS vFkok 'kjhj ls tqMh gqbZ gS ;g Hkh le>kb,A Make a list of any ten desires of yours. Explain how each of the desire is related to the Self or the Body. b. ;wki ftu wkBth T[dZw d/ gzi nk:kwK B{z jo/e ;zebg dh gfoGkÙk ;fjs ;gÙN eo'. ;wki esa ekuo ds iz;kl ds ikap vk;keksa dks la{ksi esa le>kb,A gj ,d vk;ke dks ifjHkkf"kr Hkh dhft;sA Briefly explain the five dimensions of human endeavour in society, defining each term. (M10049) (Page 4 of 5)

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