Electromagnetic Field And Waves


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  • Date of Upload: 6th January 2017
  • Course: B.Tech
  • University: Biju Patnaik University of Technology
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Topic 10 Vectors and Fields

Vector Algebra, Cartesian Coordinate System, Scalar and Vector Fields, Sinusoidally Time-Varying Fields, Electric Field, Magnetic Field.

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Topic 50 Wave Propagation in Material Media

Conductors and Dielectrics, Magnetic Materials, Wave Equation and Solution, Uniform Plane Waves in Dielectrics and Conductors, Boundary Conditions, Reflection and Transmission of Uniform Plane Waves.

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Topic 70 Wave Guide Principles

Uniform Plane Wave Propagation in an Arbitrary Direction, Transverse Electric Waves in a Parallel-Plate Waveguide, Dispersion and Group Velocity, Rectangular Waveguide and Cavity Resonator, Reflection and Refraction of Plane Waves, Dielectric Slab Guide.

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