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Entrepreneurship Development by Saswat Behera

Saswat Behera
Saswat Behera

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Note for Entrepreneurship Development - ED by Saswat Behera

Note for Entrepreneurship Development - ED

by Saswat Behera

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Mgmt study material created/ compiled by - Commander RK Singh [email protected] Books • Robert Hisrich and Michael Peters, Entrepreneurship, Tata Mc Graw– Hill • Vasant Desai, Entrepreneurship • Marc J Dollinger, Entrepreneurship – Strategies and Resources, Pearson Education Sy l la b us • I – Entrepreneurial Perspective • II – Entrepreneurial Environment • III – Launching an Enterprise • • • Entrepreneurial Perspective • Concepts of entrepreneur, entrepreneurship and enterprise • Advantages of entrepreneurship • Nature and development of entrepreneurship • Gender issues in entrepreneurship • Dynamic role of small businesses in economic development • Personality of entrepreneurs and of intrapreneurs • Innovation and entrepreneurship Entrepreneurial Environment • Policy perspectives to promote entrepreneurship and enterprises • Analysis of business opportunities in different sectors of economy at national and global levels • Quick– start routes to enterprises (franchises, ancillaries and acquisitions) • Support organizations for entrepreneurs and their role • Legal framework for starting a business in India Launching Enterprises • Product and project identification • Developing a project report or business plan • Business financing including VC finance • Managing early growth • Business incubation • New venture expansion – strategies and issues Page 1 of 83 - Entrepreneurship Mgmt (Ver 1.1 – 06.04.2007) Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Mgmt Studies