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Communicative English by Sai Swaroop Bedamatta

Sai Swaroop Bedamatta
Sai Swaroop Bedamatta

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Note for Communicative English - CE by Sai Swaroop Bedamatta

Phonetics (Module1)

by Sai Swaroop Bedamatta

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Sai Swaroop Bedamatta

Student at Government College of Engineering, Kalahandi

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Phonetics Phonetics is a branch of linguistics which deals with the sounds of speech and their pronunciation. They represent the of written symbols accepted by International Phonetic Association. The phonetic transcription is a convenient device to indicate the way the words are pronounced. In English there is no one to one correspondence between the sounds and the letters of alphabet. The English language has 26 letters of alphabet but as many as 44 sounds. Production of sound depends on two important things 1. Point of articulation 2. Manner of articulation Phonetic sounds are divided into two categories 1. Vowels 2. Consonants Consonants: A consonant sound is a sound that is characterized by a constriction or a closure at one or more points along the vocal tract. Sounds that are articulated with the vibration of the vocal chords are called as voiced sounds and the sounds that are uttered without the vibration of vocal cords are called voiceless sounds. There are 24 consonants among 44 phonetic sounds. S no. Symbol 1. 2. 3. 4. Keyword / b/bachelor , abbey balance /d/ danger, add, daddy /t / tent, tender, attend / k/ knock, book, accept Phonetic Transcription /bæt∫әlәr/ /deindgәr/ /tent/ /buk/