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Ramakrishnaraju Pradeep Potturi


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ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING-I VI SEMESTER ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING-I Subject Code : 10CV61 IA Marks : 25 No. of Lecture Hours/Week : 04 Exam Hours : 03 Total No. of Lecture Hours : 52 Exam Marks : 100 Part - A Unit - 1 INTRODUCTION: Human activities and environmental pollution. Water for various beneficial uses and quality requirement. Need for protected water supply. 2 Hours DEMAND OF WATER: Types of water demands- domestic demand in detail, institutional and commercial, public uses, fire demand. Percapita consumption –factors affecting per capita demand, population forecasting, different methods with merits &demerits- variations in demand of water. Fire demand – estimation by Kuichling‟s formula, Freeman formula & national board of fire underwriters formula, peak factors, design periods & factors governing the design periods 6 Hours Unit - 2 SOURCES: Surface and subsurface sources – suitability with regard to quality and quantity. 3 Hours COLLECTION AND CONVEYANCE OF WATER: Intake structures – different types of intakes; factor of selection and location of intakes. Pumps- Necessity, types – power of pumps; factors for the selection of a pump. Pipes – Design of the economical diameter for the rising main; Nomograms – use; Pipe appurtenances. 6 Hours Unit - 3 QUALITY OF WATER: Objectives of water quality management. wholesomeness& palatability, water borne diseases. Water quality parameters – Physical, chemical and Microbiological.Sampling of water for examination. Water quality analysis (IS: 3025 and IS: 1622) using analytical and instrumental techniques. Drinking waterstandards BIS & Dept. civil engg. ACE, Bangalore Page 1