Note for Advanced Computer Architecture - ACA by subhalaxmi sabat

Note for Advanced Computer Architecture - ACA

by Subhalaxmi Sabat

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Subhalaxmi Sabat

Computer Science Engineering at Roland Institute of technology berhampur odisha

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Author: Dr. Deepti Mehrotra Vetter: Dr. Sandeep Arya Lesson: Parallel computer models Lesson No. : 01 1.1 Objective 1.2 Introduction 1.3 The state of computing 1.3.1. Evolution of computer system 1.3.2 Elements of Modern Computers 1.3.3 Flynn's Classical Taxonomy 1.3.4 System attributes 1.4 Multiprocessor and multicomputer, 1.4.1 Shared memory multiprocessors 1.4.2 Distributed Memory Multiprocessors 1.4.3 A taxonomy of MIMD Computers 1.5 Multi vector and SIMD computers 1.5.1 Vector Supercomputer 1.5.2 SIMD supercomputers 1.6 PRAM and VLSI model 1.6.1 Parallel Random Access machines 1.6.2 VLSI Complexity Model 1.7 Keywords 1.8 Summary 1.9 Exercises 1.10 References 1.0 Objective The main aim of this chapter is to learn about the evolution of computer systems, various attributes on which performance of system is measured, classification of computers on their ability to perform multiprocessing and various trends towards parallel processing. 1.1 Introduction From an application point of view, the mainstream of usage of computer is experiencing a trend of four ascending levels of sophistication: 1